Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Office

Today was a good day at the office. We got a surprise visit from one of the big bosses from the Fresno office. Brian came by to bring me more work. Why would this make it a good day? Well for one thing because it shows that he has faith in me and that he feels I can handle more work.

Another thing that made it a good day is that he took us to lunch, well he invited but my immediate supervisor Michele paid...odd huh?

We went to one of my fav places, Tokyo Gardens. It's like a Benihana where you sit around a table and the chef cooks right in front of you. The cool thing is he doesn't just cook but he does these cool tricks with the food, my favorite is when he puts some type of flammable liquid on the cooking area and he lights it with a lighter and the fire leaps into the air, you practically feel your eyebrows being burned off (but they're not).

Another favorite is when he takes the spatula in one hand and takes a raw egg in the other. He spins the egg on the cooking area and while its spinning he puts the spatula under the egg and pops it onto the spatula and then he tosses the egg up in the air a couple of times and catches it with the spatula before finally letting it fall onto the spatula cracking the egg. Then he does the same thing again with another egg but when he breaks it he does so by turning the spatula so the egg hits the sharp edge cracking it, but it doesn't crack all the way through, only half way. He lets you enjoy that before finally shaking the spatula and cracking it all the way! It's awesome!

The food was great, the show was great and I had a good time with my coworkers, plus we left the office at 11:30 and didn't get back til almost 1:30!

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