Monday, June 9, 2008

Mom's Perm

About 8 years ago I learned how to give perms. I gave one to my daughter when she was just a little girl and then started giving them to my mom. I always thought it was so great because of everyone, I was the only one that got to play with my mom's nappy little head! It was something that I knew I would cherish after she passed.

About 5 years or so ago, her dear friend Concha started giving mom her perms. I was busy and going to school, new job, etc, etc, etc. You know those things that get in our way...every day living. At first I was bothered because that was my thing, you know? But then I realized that my mom loved Concha, Concha loved my mom and my mom was the closest thing to a mother that Concha had, so I figured, moment in the sun is over and I let Concha continue without any ill will.

So Saturday my mom told me she would like me to give her a perm. I asked what happened to Concha and she said that Concha is still willing to do it, but my mom feels bad asking her because Concha now lives about 25 miles away and gas is $4.59 or more a gallon. So I told her sure, I would come over on Monday after work and do that for her.

So that's what I did tonight, I reopened Alicia's Beauty Salon and got to play with my mommas nappy little head again. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and nothing is ever a chore or a sense of responsibility with my moms, it's a joy.

Here's some pics from the evening, my memories captured labor of love.

Here's the before picture. This is my mom's scary face, she's made this face to every grandchild and I remember once coming home from school and she was in her bedroom in front of her mirror and I said hi mom and she turned around and this is the face I saw!!! She scared the height right out of me which is why I'm only 5'2".

Step One: The setting of the curlers. This is the hardest part because you have to take tiny little strips of hair and wind it around the curlers you see by using a tiny little sheet of curling paper.

So here I have the top and back.

Here's a back and side view. I couldn't get the little bottom hairs rolled, but mom's going to go get her hair cut and they usually cut that part and it will blend...I hope, I hope, I hope.
*crossing fingers*

Here's mom, all rolled up now and I guess I didn't pull her hair too bad because she's still smiling.

I know that there are some blue and pinks rollers in there. The blue are because those areas had hair that was either too short or there wasn't room for a pink one.

Another view and we're ready for the finished product!

And there you have it, you notice it's dark outside the window by now? If you scroll up you will see it was still daylight outside when I started, this ain't easy folks, but I'M BACK, I loved doing this for my mom.

Below, just a couple more views only because I did a heck of a job!

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