Monday, June 23, 2008

I love makeup!!

I love makeup! I remember when I was going to school in Harquahala, Arizona, I must have been in 3rd or 4th grade and one girl had a black eyebrow pencil and we all used to get together in the bathroom and apply eyeliner. Fortunately the easiest, smoothest way to apply pencil eyeliner was to light a match, stick the tip of the pencil in it so it would melt the point and make it easier to apply. The fact that we disinfected it first with the fire was probably why we didn't have 10 girls in class with pink eye.

But regardless, I've always loved makeup. I've always had drawers full of the stuff. But as I got older my face betrayed me! Now I'm super sensitive and I can't wear many of the different makeups that are out there. Some brands make my poor little eyelids get all scaly and dry and gross. But my sis gave me some makeup made by Wet and Wild, really inexpensive stuff and guess what? It doesn't hurt my eyes.

Today after work I went to our local Rite Aid because believe it or not, neither Walmart nor Longs Drugstore carries Wet n Wild.
I bought the two palettes shown below. The bigger one is Wet n Wild Fantasy Island and cost a mere $4.99 and the smaller one is Wet n Wild Venetian Violets and cost only $2.00. I love the names.

Here you can see the colors a little better since I removed the wrapping. And let me tell you, getting that wrapping off was like getting into Fort Knox! I had to use scissors and almost stabbed myself.

I can't wait to put on make up tomorrow morning!

Here is the big one separately, you can see the colors better.

The top left color is a really pretty green, below it a salmon/peach color. The middle row at the top is a purple, then below that is a dark green, then brown, then a pearl color.
The top right color is a really pretty royal blue and then a teal color.
The great thing about this brand of makeup is that they are a creamy powder so they really stay put all day.
I bought this little one below because this is the exact same one Lisa gave me and I've used up the white shadow up at the top. When you brush it on it it's kind of like a cream cover stick and then all your other colors stick really well to it.

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