Thursday, September 8, 2016

Whose Opinion Do You Value

Advice from someone with special knowledge; advice from an expert.

We all have those people whose expertise we just accept, like doctors, accountants, attorney's, insurance agents. Those people would obviously be the experts so we know that they have the education and knowledge to backup whatever advice they may give us.

But what about opinions from the people in our lives? Friends, family members, those in our social circles? Do you have anyone whose opinion you can truck implicitly out of those named?

We all talk to certain people about certain things, but do we really talk to them in order to gain their advice and wisdom or do we simply do so because we want to voice, out loud, our dilemmas? 

Have we already made up our mind about something when we approach someone to ask for their opinion? I know several people that will talk to everyone and their mother and they already made their mind up days ago and are going to go ahead with their decision, yet they still insist on getting the opinion of others. Why do they do that?

It is difficult for me to seek advice from others, mostly because I am not a worrier. I don't ponder problems for days and stay up sleepless at night. I pretty much know how I am going to handle something and then I just let it go and face it when the time comes.

I also know when I am faced with an impossible problem, one to which there is no answer or I don't continue to deliberate and drive others crazy trying to find an answer. I've very realistic in things like that.

I do however like to share thoughts with my sister Lisa. She's probably my closest ally in this world. She's what I call a fixer. If I share a problem with her, she doesn't just listen, she starts telling me how to fix it, or says "Here's what we're going to do!" While it's great to know that if she can she will fix things for me...sometimes you just need someone to listen.

Do you have someone whose opinion you trust implicitly or is it difficult for you to seek opinions?

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