Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Right to an Opinion - Are you Opinionated?

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“A Right to an Opinion doesn’t make the Opinion right!” 

I don’t remember where I heard this, but I think that more people in this world need to hear it and take it to heart. During this point in the History of our country, nay…our world, it would benefit us greatly to remember this quote.

I love my Facebook Feed, love my Facebook friends and family, but I am so sick of the bickering and fighting and downright rude comments of some people that I used to respect, people whose opinions I used to value. Let alone the comments I read from complete strangers!

The controversy and rudeness over every single little thing going on in the world is tiring! Michael Phelps and his expression of pride in himself when he won the gold, was he entitled to hold up his arms in glory stating definitively that he is #1 or was he glorifying himself and being boastful and arrogant? The opinions and the name calling and spiteful words on Facebook and Twitter comments were chilling!

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Then Ryan Lochte had his moment of shame and everyone forgot about Phelps and jumped on the bandwagon asking for the head of Lochte on a silver platter. And those that felt that Lochte just displayed bad judgment and should not be ostracized and his sponsors should not have dropped him were themselves “ripped a new one”!

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Now there’s Colin Kaepernick and the controversy he’s currently causing by refusing to stand during the National Anthem in protest of something that he believes in.

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My goodness! The viciousness of the comments as relates to Colin are just frightening. Truly, I am not being a drama queen, but people are saying such ugly things towards Colin and towards each other that it makes me fearful for survival of the human race!

I know that these things are short lived, that now everyone is talking about Trumps visit to Mexico and the “wall” and his immigration plan and that down the road in a few days, weeks or month there will be something new for the beasts to feed on. Someone new they can tear down while they tear down each other as well. 

People will be unfriended on Facebook and life will go on, but it makes me unbearably sad to know that if these people can turn against each other; friends and family members, because of the small controversies like those listed above, how will they react when it truly is something of substance and importance?

I have an opinion about all those things above, and if asked I will voice it but I will ask for yours as well and listen with an open mind. The key point is I will listen to YOU. And I won't simply let you talk while I prepare an attack to your opinion in my mind. I also won’t just attack you and then refuse to listen to you. Maybe we all need to take a debate class like I did in high school to realize that we can debate things openly and intelligently and without anger, hatred, and disgusting words.

Do we all have a right to an opinion? Maybe, but remember “A Right to an Opinion doesn’t make the Opinion Right!”


  1. Like one of my great friends once told me, "Life is not fair, then we die." These people that are rudely commenting on stuff that has no impact on their lives, are just petty. Don't let their miserable lives get to you. Just let it go.

  2. You truly have brilliant friends Angie! :)

    I do just let it go, there's not much else I can do other than join in on the insanity and throw mud and rocks right along with them. I think I'll take the high road and just go and watch videos of puppies and kittens playing together. Sad that poor animals like that can get along better than humans!

  3. Hear hear! It's frightening to realize how hateful people can be!!!

  4. Oliva - Especially on social media! I stress out sometimes when I consider making a comment on a post because I'm scared that person won't like what I say and they will hunt me down! It does happen!


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