Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This One Thing I Know is True - Change is Inevitable

“Understand that not everything is meant to be understood. Live, let go, and don’t worry about what you can’t change.”

If there is one thing that I know to be true, it is that change is inevitable. That’s it. That’s the one thing that I know to be true. The only thing we can do is to learn to let go of things we can’t change.

That is one of the hardest lessons that I have had to learn. You see…I’ve always been a black and white person. Things are either right or wrong. I’ve also always been a very opinionated person and when I thought something was wrong it was wrong and there was no acceptable argument. One might say I was very close minded.

But with age comes wisdom and I have learned that there are many shades of grey and that the more you stop and just shut up and listen to someone, the more you learn and the more you realize that you aren’t always right and even if you still believe you are right, someone else has a different idea of what right is. 

Not everyone can be right of course and that is why there should be open dialogue about different ideas and opinions. That is why there are laws and rules and majority rule; for those times when everyone thinks THEY are right and they won’t be swayed.

It is difficult watching changes in our lives, seeing our children grow up and follow paths that we wouldn't have chosen for them. It's difficult watching our society change and having to be tolerant of others thoughts and lifestyles. It's difficult to get older and be unable to do some of the things that used to be so easy to do.

The main thing is to understand that we can't understand everything and sometimes it's best to let go, let live and don't worry so much about things that you can't change.


  1. Close-minded people can be very interesting and friendly. I may be biased, though ;) Thanks for stopping by and remember: let go of things you can’t change. Time's precious. It took me 46 years to at least try to let go. It's hard.


  2. Thanks Blue! It's taken me a while to learn that but I'm getting better at letting go of what I can't change or at least I trying to change people.

  3. Alicia - Your post tells me exactly what I tell myself. It's such a timely reminder. Thank you for sharing. Change is inevitable and only acceptance can help us make the change easy for ourselves.

  4. Hi Parul, That's the key right there, to keep reminding ourselves that change is inevitable. The only thing we can change is our own ability to adapt to changes in our lives. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Great post Alicia!!!
    Thank God wisdom has caught up with my age!!! It has made me more acceptable of change and others.

  6. Oliva that is precious right there. One of the blessing in getting older is that we do get wiser and more acceptable of change. Although I do find myself saying "These young whippersnappers!" Ha! I have no idea where that phrase came from but I definitely show my age at times :)

  7. I might be butchering this quote, but I think it's "Change is inevitable, progress is optional". I love that you are reflecting not only on change, but how you have progressed in being open-minded.

  8. I totally agree with " ... there should be an open dialogue about different ideas and opinions.."
    But I feel I'm in the minority about this. I myself am open to all kinds of ideas. I'll not cut off a relationship because of differences of opinion. But it happened to me. The other party didn't want to discuss things, to debate. Preferred to go away without a word. That's unforgivable.

  9. Evelynn Moon - Welcome! That's an excellent quote and I think you got it correctly and didn't butcher it at all. Let's hope I continue to remain a bit more open minded :)

  10. Duta - The quote that Evelynn Moon left speaks to what happened to you about the person who who just preferred to go away, Progress is Optional. Maybe she/he just wanted to get in the last word? Regardless it's goo that you are open to all kinds of idea. We should be. So many people wear blinders when it comes to their beliefs, especially as it related to politics during this very political year in our country. Sadly even when the elections are over and we either have President Clinton or President Trump, the losers will continue to grumble and disrespect the office. It's a wonder anything gets accomplished in our country anymore.


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