Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In My Opinion and Other Trigger Sentences

"Here's what we're going to do..."

I hear this sentence a lot in my line of work and it always makes me cringe because it means trouble. Well not actually trouble, but work. I know when I hear this sentence that what it really means is, "Here's what YOU'RE going to do..." and that means work to me; often times unnecessary work that is not going to be profitable or successful. Bosses seem to really like that sentence!

Another sentence that may cause you to run for the hills is, "In my opinion". That's an Uh-Oh moment right there. That usually means that someone is going to give you a dressing down and tell you how you failed at something you did, or how you will fail...unless you take their opinion and run with it. 

Then there's the ever popular, "Can you do me a favor?" Has that ever ended well? How can you say no? It's a favor, they aren't demanding that you do something for them, simply asking for a favor. If you say, "No, I can't do you a favor" then you come off as a selfish jerk, yet I would say that the person that asked the question is the selfish jerk for putting you in that position. 

How about the ever famous, "Can I give you some advice?", not unless I'm asking for advice. This question can ruin a friendship, let alone a working relationship.

I have to admit that I say "Here's what I think" quite a bit. I would say that's one of those trigger sentences like the ones above. I'm going to try to make sure that I don't use it as often anymore. It won't be easy because I really value my opinion and I'm usually right, but I'm going to wait to be asked (she said tongue in cheek)!

What sentences, when you hear them, cause you to cringe and wish you were a hundred miles away? Do you find yourself using any of the sentences above often? How do you respond when you hear them?


  1. I don't mind to listen to other's opinion or advice (I don't have to agree with it, but I don't mind listening) However, I hate the "can you do me a favor?" thing. I was once asked by a childhood acquaintance to look for her grandmother's grave and lit a candle - in a foreign country, in a cemetery I've never been to, while having to look for my own grandparents, and under pressure of time. I did it, but she shouldn't have put me in this situation. Since then, I never dare ask someone a favor of any kind.

  2. Hi Duta! Yes, that "do me a favor" is a killer. I can't believe that she would ask that, to light a candle like that. She could have just lit the candle in her own home, but you were sweet to go to the trouble to do it.

    I'm really bad at asking for favors, I hate the thought of burdening others. Thanks for stopping by!


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