Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blogging Daily and How I Didn't Do It

I mentioned in my last post that I was attempting to publish a post daily based on the September Writing Prompts from Blogher's Writing Lab. And of course once you mention something it loses it's magic and I haven't done one since then! Shame on me!

Monday's prompt was, "Do you read the opinion section of the newspaper?" I don't even read any of the newspaper. In fact I haven't read a newspaper since probably 2005, so it was tough to become inspired by that question. Even when I did read the paper, I never read the opinion section, mostly just the funnies, Ann Landers and the want ads. Does anyone even read newspapers anymore? Do you?

Tuesday's prompt sounds promising so I may actually write a post about that one after I finish this one. 

Wednesday's prompt is, "Do you prefer to read editorials (opinion pieces generated by the staff of a publication) or op-eds (opinion pieces written by an outside expert)? Do you see a difference between the two?" I am definitely going to pass on that one!

Instead I am going to tell you that on Monday I started that new Art Class I was telling you about in previous posts, Beginning Painting. I am loving it!

I have still continued to draw and sketch, but not as much as I should be doing. You can only get better by practicing, so I really need to buckle down and turn off that TV and get busy.

Here's a couple of drawings I've done since the class ended. I'm really into the ballerina thing, not sure why but it just calls to me.

I've even picked out some gorgeous ballerina art to take to next weeks painting class as he said we could bring something we think we would like to attempt. If you'd like you could check out my Art Board on Pinterest as I've save them there.

For the first class he helped us to draw a sunset. Here's mine.

This was done using acrylic paints. It was such fun creating this and I realized that you have to lose your fear of messing it up or of it not being perfect. Just enjoy it, let loose and paint for the sheer joy of it. It was so relaxing and I can't wait to go again next week!

That's it from my neck of the woods. I'm still going to attempt to write daily using the writing prompts or perhaps at times just writing about art or food, whatever strikes my mood at the time.

How do you come up with idea on what to post about? Do you post ahead of time, do thoughts and ideas just flood your mind all the time and you can't keep up? Does blogging daily help you to make it a habit or does it seem a bit contrived when you force yourself to write something? Please share.


  1. I rarely read the paper, for me they exist for the 3 C's: coupons, comics, and classifieds.

  2. Texting from the Bathroom - I forgot about the coupons. I did used to love those! I do miss the smell of the newspaper though. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lovely art works Alicia. I really like the ballerina slippers. Here is my absolute favorite still life:

    It is called Danilova's Slipper by Nelson Shanks.

    I found forced blogging don't work. I have to be fired up about something to blog about it. I would be a happy at this point to blog once a quarter, my last post was last December. It would appear as though I have blogged myself into oblivion.

  4. I love that still life! It's beautiful and you can imagine so many different stories. I imagine the slipper is Alexandra Danilova's? I tried to google some info but didn't find anything about it, or at least the story of the painting.

    I wanted to do the challenge for two reasons, one to see if I could do it and two to get some ideas on what to write about again. I've been pretty hit or miss myself. I do miss your blog posts though.

  5. I have tried to research the painting as well and never found out much other than it is Aleksandra Danilova's slipper.

    The painting indeed fires one's imagination!

  6. That's the one thing about art that gets me Sextant, is the not knowing what the artist meant the painting to be, all the unanswered questions. I have a friend that just posted two photographs on Facebook. One is of a makeshift bench by a field of green that she saw two farm laborers sitting on earlier in the week. The bench is rough but under a shady tree. You wonder where they scrounged up the supplies to build it and what they talked about while they were there. The other is a photo of a pair of rubber work boots left by the side of another field of green. Did they fill with mud and the worker just abandoned them? Did immigration show up and take him out of the mud leaving his boots there? I hate unanswered questions!

  7. My husband reads the Sunday paper but I prefer to browse the internet. I love your sunset painting, especially the water. :)

  8. Thank you DianeAZ. When I first did the water it seemed rather choppy and not calm the way the sunset should have been, so I added the white and it just calmed right down! I'm really enjoying this.

    And don't tell anyone, but I love to browse the interest as well.

  9. It's not such a good idea to write a daily post, as you exhaust yourself and your readers.
    I like your drawings of the ballet shoes. You're on the right track with this art class you're taking.

    In the age of internet, newspaper and even TV are out. If you have questions, ask the internet and you'll get plenty of answers. What is important to me is that the internet teaches me things that help in life - such as fixing a zipper or solving a computer problem.

  10. DUTA - I quite agree with you, as the old saying goes, "Always leave them wanting more!" If I blogged every day it would exhaust my readers! You are so wise my friend!

    I am really enjoying the art classes DUTA. Here when I get a minute to stop and breathe I'm going to post some of the painting I've been doing. It is so enjoyable and who knew that I had a bit of talent?

    I love videos that teach me how to do something. My mom gets amazed when she wonders how to cook something and boom...there's a video! Thanks for stopping by!


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