Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baby J Sunday - Pretty in Pink and Candy not Apples!

We had the pleasure of seeing Baby J two times this week. On Halloween Night her mommy and daddy brought her to visit her Great-Grandmother, Nana. Baby J was adorable in a Doc McStuffins costume, only Baby J was rocking pink cowboys boots, not sneakers.

Do you know who Doc McStuffins is? I sure didn't. The last biggest craze I knew of was Dora the Explorer. While Dora is still popular and loved, Doc McStuffins is Baby J's favorite.

Doc McStuffins is an animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films. It was created and executive produced by Humanitas Prize and Emmy Award winner Chris Nee and premiered on March 23, 2012 on the Disney and Disney Junior Channel.

Doc McStuffins is a little girl who wants to be a doctor, just like her mother. So she fixes broken toys and dolls and stuffed animals. When Doc puts on her stethoscope, the toys come to life and she can communicate with them. I haven't watched an episode but I can already tell why Baby J would love Doc McStuffins and the show itself. I'll have to pick up a DVD of the show and watch with Baby J someday.

Unfortunately I did not take one single picture of Baby J trick or treating at our house that night. She was not feeling well, nothing serious, just a small bout of constipation which made her particularly cranky. I'm sure her mom and dad took tons of pictures though so Baby J will have those memories when she grows up.

The second visit from Baby J came yesterday, Saturday. It was a Baby J Saturday instead of Sunday but that was just fine with us! Any day with Baby J is a good day!

Just look at that face! At that Dimple! At those curls and those beautiful eyes! And the girl can rock PINK! Check out which character that water bottle is? Yep...Doc McStuffins! She and Baby J could be twins!

I tried to entice Baby J with some of my left over Halloween Candy stash!

In that first picture she's looking at me like "Candy"??? And in the second picture you can see her little mouth watering! Yummy Skittles and Nerds and Laffy Taffy! "All for me??" But her Nini throws us a curve ball, removing the candy and offering Baby J a nice healthy green apple. She's such a good Nini!

She gives it a try. She takes a little lick of it first, then tries a small bite and then...nope and puts it back into the fruit bowl! What a character!

It rained and stormed on Friday night! We had not seen rain and thunder and lightening like this in a long time. You do know California is suffering one of the worst droughts ever right now right? Well we were unable to head outside for Baby J's normal activities of playing with the dogs and with her sidewalk chalk because of the wet cement, but also because we lost a part of the fence between our house and the neighbor and it wasn't a good idea to send her out there to play!

My moms dog Chula is not very happy about the whole situation, even though I have caught her visiting into the neighbors yard! So now on top of everything else I have a fence to fix! *sigh* Being a home owner isn't always all it's cracked up to be!



  1. Ahh Baby J is a cutey and you are right she looks great in pink. I better be careful here, I am going to have my male membership card revoked. I am shocked however that you freely discuss Baby J's digestive woes on the world wide web. A lady's constipation should be not be the subject of polite conversation. You have offended my delicate sensibilities and have betrayed the trust that Baby J has in you...tsk tsk.

    You have had a hell of time with that fence, wasn't that the one the guy knocked down driving into your yard?

    1. I think even my Dirty Man, Mike Rowe would need to have his male membership card revoked if he saw Baby J, she's just that adorable! I don't envy her parents when she gets to dating age! Oh that dimple!

      I know, I should have been more delicate about her digestive situation. I hope she will pardon me because once on the internet it's there forever!

      It is the same fence but the one the car came crashing through was on the west side of my house and facing the street. This fence is on the east side in between my house and my neighbor Kathy. Still trying to find someone to fix it. Have had several people on facebook give me detailed ideas on how I can go out there and dig up the old posts and pour cement and put new ones and remove the planks from the old fence and put up cross posts and use the old planks which still look good and I'm like...."People...don you even know me? I'm a writer, a great mind...I don't do manual labor!"


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