Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby J Sunday - Ooh Pretty!

Saturday I decided I wanted to put up my Christmas Tree because I knew Baby J would be coming to visit me on Sunday and I couldn't wait to see the expression on her face!

I bought a new tree this year. The one I had in previous years was a small one, about 6' and it was one of those that come pre-lit and after a couple of years the lights don't work any more and you have to add your own anyway. This year I bought a beautiful one that's 7.5' tall and very full! So full in fact that normally I would put a bunch of ornaments on ornament stands around the house but with this one I used all my ornaments and have room for many more!

As you can see in the picture below our puppy Chorizo really loved it and immediately claimed the chair nearest the tree so she could gaze at it and nap. Today she was over it!

I completely forgot to grab my camera this morning when Baby J came in but she was in awe! When she first came in the house she and her daddy came in through the kitchen door and she noticed my Nativity Scene right away. She ran to it and exclaimed "Pretty!!!" I showed her Baby Jesus and she picked it up and kissed the baby. I was frantic thinking she might drop Baby Jesus but she was very gentle with him!

You can see the Nativity below. I've posted this before. My mom made this set for me back in 1983 when she was taking a ceramics class. I can't believe this Nativity is older than my son who was born in 1985!!! It's painted with a pearlized glaze which has several pastel colors in it and it picks up all the colors of whatever color lights I use. This year I used multi-colored lights but used a red garland as red is moms favorite color.

My new addition to my holiday decorations are the Snowman and Snow Woman pictured above. A gift from my mom. I just love them and so did Baby J. The one thing she did NOT LIKE and I had to remove from the room right away was my Nutcracker! I was surprised she took such an instant dislike to it.

Here's a picture of him in a window display that I haven't quite finished yet so this is all I can show you. I think he's awesome! Love his mustache but I think she disliked his teeth. He's about 36 inches tall and was a thrifting find about 5 years ago. I'm thinking of starting a collection of them and purchased a small one of these in green which I'll post about later.

The one thing she really loved was my set of Christmas Tree and Polar Bear refrigerator magnets. My mom and I were laughing so hard at her because she would take the bigger pieces and slam then onto the refrigerator but when she would put the small pieces on she was super gentle with them. She's such a unique little thing!

Her mom has taken to straightening her curls and while she looks very pretty and grown up with straight hair...I do so miss her curls! So that's it for Baby J Sunday, another fun and happy morning spent with the apple of my eye!


  1. Well, the nutcracker looks rather intimidating. No wonder, the little girl dislikes him.

    Natural is beautiful. I wouldn"t straighten the girl's curls Let her, when time comes, decide whether she wants to alter something about her hair.

  2. Nutcrackers I guess are supposed to be intimidating. I saw some at a store that were female nutcrackers, dressed up and carrying purses. I didn't want to get one of those as they aren't the traditional nutcracker, but maybe I'll get one to see how she reacts.

    I agree. I love her natural curly hair, my sister, Baby J's grandma had curls exactly like Baby J's and it remind me of my baby sister when I see them.

  3. I always enjoy your house and am thankful you take the time to bring beauty into our lives. I wish I was creative like you. I would love to have you come to my house and fix it.

    1. Thank you! I'll be there! But you have to let me do my thing! Are you kidding, the most beautiful thing there day was Baby J and if not for you she wouldn't bring beauty into my life!

  4. Lovely tree and the Nativity set your mom made is really beautiful.

    Maybe Baby J has watched this commercial where the Nutcracker crashes Mr. Peanut's Christmas party:

    Looking at that band aid on Mr Peanut's head, no wonder she doesn't like nut crackers. I see she has her favorite color on again.

    1. I think she doesn't like his teeth. She has another toy, a little fox that is baring it's teeth and when she pulls it out of the toy box we keep for her here she tosses it and says "no like it!"

      I love that commercial! That poor nutcrackers looks so awkward!

      Thank you! I really love all my holiday decorations. It's a lot of work, but once it's done it's done! Yep, that Baby J really loves her pink!


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