Sunday, November 23, 2014

Baby J Sunday - Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

We didn't think we were going to have Baby J today which was kinda sad. Mom has had the Flu and we didn't want her to get sick. But Mom was finally feeling better, she's been on antibiotics for almost a week so we thought we would be ok as long as mom didn't get too close to her.

 I was really excited to see her because we didn't get to see her last week either and I had a special something to share with her. My cousin Jessica likes to make lots of creative things for the holidays with her daughter Roni. She had posted on Facebook these great photos of some M&M Turkeys for Thanksgiving and bless her little heart she sent me three adult turkeys and one little baby one especially for Baby J!

Cute right? They're made with brown netting, pipe cleaners for the feet and head and red turkey dangler thingy and then little googly eyes. You always have to stuff a turkey and these were stuffed with M&Ms! Yum!

Baby J loved hers! I thought she would look at it and shake it around and put it down and look at it, but that kid knows her candy...straight into her mouth right through the netting!

She was able to bite through and get a bit of mushy M&M in her mouth and then she started looking at it and trying to figure out how to get them out of the netting!

We figured maybe it was best to open it up for her before she crushed them all! And then we told her that this turkey was a gift from her cousin Jessica and asked her to smile for Cousin Jessica and she gave us that cheesy smile we love, it melts our hearts!

Love my Baby J and my Baby J Sunday's and a special thanks to Cousin Jessica for sending a little bit of love to us :)


  1. At the risk of being thrown out of the male gender, the turkeys are a cute idea. Damn, testosterone levels do drop in your 60s.

    But Baby J has the right idea, M&Ms are not for looking at! Its great you got to see her after all.

    1. Seriously Sextant, I think maybe it's time you set up your own Pinterest account and starting pinning arts and craft projects!

      Reminds me of a commercial on TV where the husband gets some milk out of the fridge and pours some into his coffee and then his wife tells him it was breast milk. So then he feels the need to run out and do manly things and it shows him dressed in a suit of armor cutting the grass and washing the car and a bunch of other things like that and then at the end of the day he sits next to his wife on the couch and guzzles down his beer and crushes it on his head.

      Yes, I was really happy we got to see her this Sunday, kid kinda grows on you! :)


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