Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Journey...Not the Destination - Part Deux

Ok, so for all my faithful readers....all two of you, I present to you Part Two of the most recent adventure my sister and I had. Part one is HERE.

When last we met, I posted a picture and asked you to guess where I was. This is the picture.

Pretty little place isn't it? Lots of pine trees obviously.

Sextant was the only one to play along with my little game and hazard some guesses. His first guess was Yosemite and his next guess was Sequoia National Forest.

Thanks for playing Sextant, and even though you did not guess exactly the place you were close and you win a ribbon just for participating! Here you go!

You really were close and those pine trees were a bit of a give away, but it could be almost anywhere since we headed  North.

But what city/place is this where we were? It was the beautiful city of South Lake Tahoe! It was my first time ever being there. Lisa has gone a couple of times before but she's never really had a chance to see much of it.

As I mentioned, we took the scenic route and once we got closer instead of going into Sacramento, we took the road less traveled. Highway US-50 East. This highway was one that went up, up, up into the mountains. We reached an elevation of 6237 feet above sea level! Now remember, we're Arizona folk, used to seeing miles and miles of desert flat land...this was a whole new experience for me!

Here's some of the shots my co-pilot, my sister Lisa took.

We arrived at our destination and we were already late for a meet and greet that had been scheduled, so we checked into the hotel, dropped our luggage off in the hotel room, quickly freshened up and headed out to meet the others for dinner. We met up with them at a nice little Mexican restaurant called Azul which was about two blocks from the hotel. Azul in Spanish means Blue. Because Lisa and I had eaten such a great lunch in Turlock we decided to keep it light for dinner.

Lisa had a salad which she loved! It was huge too! I can't for the life of me remember what all was in her salad but you can look at the picture and hazard guesses, maybe you can win a ribbon for participation as well! The yellow looks like it could be pineapple, but I believe it was mango.

I chose a Coconut Pork Taco, which was ok, the tortilla was cold and I tasted nothing of coconut in the whole thing. I also ordered a cucumber salad consisting of cucumbers, red onion and jicama in a sweet and spicy dressing, this was very good.

After dinner we walked back slowly to the hotel, stuffed and happy enjoying the cool air. By the time we got there we were all huffing and puffing. Everyone blamed the thin air of the higher elevation, but I think it was really all that food, our age and lack of exercise!

It had been a long day, but it was still only our first day, more adventures awaited the next day, so stay tuned for part three, more beautiful pictures and more food as well!



  1. I just did the look closer at the salad photo and lose your comment routine. Smart!

    I am honored to receive the participation award. I shall print it and display prominently in along with my awards, medals, and trophies. Indeed an honor, not since I won the Nobel prize for BS have I been so graced.

    Very cool road trip and great photos. I have been on the other end of US 50 in Annapolis MD. Long road!

    Continuing my fine tradition of participating in your puzzles and quizzes, I shall declare that the salad contains tomatoes, feta cheese (or some Mexican equivalent), red onions, dandelion, radicchio, spinach, chard, romaine, and roasted almonds. The large white chunks are a mystery.

    I must confess a certain lust for your cucumber salad. It looks very good.

  2. Hey, don't feel bad, I've done that lose the comment routine before. Sometimes I write a big huge comment before I log-in and then once I log-in I lose it. Sometimes it is there after a log-in sometimes not, it's a crap-shoot!

    If anyone should receive the Nobel prize for BS it should be you because you are the King of BS! You can take a google doodle and write 4 pages of a blog's just amazing! I bow down to your greatness!

    It was a great trip. The scenery was amazing! I always thought that I wanted to retire in Tucson AZ, but I'm a mountain girl at heart because I felt so at peace there. Beautiful, just beautiful!

    I do believe you probably have most of the salad items correct, the white chunks is Jicama. Have you ever had Jicama? It's about the same texture as an apple but not as sweet so lower in carbs. I love it to just snack on with a bit of salt, chili powder and lemon. Sometimes the Mexican in me comes out!

    I make a similar cucumber salad all the time, slicing the cucumbers, some tomato, red onion and then dress it with regular old Wishbone Italian dressing, right out of the bottle, a little pepper and it's delicious! Sometimes I add a bit of thinly slice red bell pepper and use it as a sort of pickle relish on top of a hot dog, when I'm being daring and eating bread that is!

    Thanks for commenting Sextant! Entertaining as always. Wait til you see what we had for dinner on day 2!

    1. Jicama? Never heard of it. I am not much of an epicurean.

    2. If you like apples you would like Jicama. It takes a little bit of work to peel it and cut it into slices but it's very crisp and crunchy and healthy.

  3. Judging by the pictures and your description, it looks and sounds like a very picturesque place!

    The salad Lisa had wasn't "light ", on the contrary. I guess the yellow pieces are pinapple. The salad is an interesting combination of veggies, fruit, and some cheese, and I believe it was very tasteful.
    I'm fond of combinations like this one, but well aware of the fact that the more items you add, the more calories you get.

    1. It was light compared to normal Mexican Food with beans and rice and tortillas but the only way to make a healthy salad is to make it yourself and make your own dressing as the processed ones are filled with sodium and sugar.

      The yellow is Mango I love mango! It was very good, Lisa really enjoyed it!


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