Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday Celebrates a Birthday

Well it's Wednesday again and Iwanna share a special birthday with you. My birthday! Not today; yesterday. What does my birthday have to do with Iwanna'ing something? Well what Iwanna do is Iwanna thank everyone for such a great birthday and Iwanna share with you what a great birthday it was!

First the day started with a big birthday hug from my mom! Iwanna thank her for giving me life and for always being there for me. I love you mom!

Then a birthday text from my brother Fred, "G'morning, happy bday. Hope ur day goes purrfect, Love Fred." Iwanna thank my brother for thinking of me at 7:08 am! Love you too Bro!.

Then a birthday phone call from my sister Lisa. Iwanna thank my sister for sharing the ride via cell phones to work each morning. Each morning without fail she calls me at around 7:45 and we talk until about 7:58 and just start our morning with what we saw on the news or our own personal news regarding our families, friends and jobs! I love you little sister!

Iwanna also thank and share with you the great surprise from the ladies in my office. First off they brought me a lovely cup of my favorite thing to have at Starbucks...a Venti Breve Latte with One Splenda! Yum! But they also gave me this beautiful floral arrangement and a card to match! Big beautiful Sunflowers!

Then of course...all throughout the day, Iwanna especially thank all my Facebook friends!

Steve from Florida

My Precious Daughter April
My dear friend Anita, who even brought a cake!

My son's bestfriend,William who is serving his country in Iraq. He sent me a super funny video. Thanks William!

Many friends from High School:




and Dora
Then of course my friend Stacie, founding member of the Tiara Club and Iron Chef Night, and the greatest study buddy ever! I would have flunked Statistics if not for her!

My bloggy friend Summur! Iwanna especially thank you for being such a good friend and for taking part in the joy of this day!

And of course....Family. Cousins, 2nd cousins and cousins-in-law!

Stella and Pedia together... Stella with some loving words...as always. Pedia with a great compliment!

Anna and her brother Richard, my cousins Fay's kids

My cousin Laura...cousin Jr's wife

and last but not least, my co-worker and dear friend Angelica who decided to take MY birthday off!

But she's bringing me a cake to work, so I have to forgive her!

But the birthday festivities didn't end there! The ladies at the office also had a little surprise planned after lunch. Instead of cake (since most of us are trying to watch how many carbs we eat) Michele refrigerated me a birthday jello cake with lots of whipped topping. It was raspberry flavored, sugar free and delicious! Iwanna thank the ladies of CVIS!

But that wasn't all for goodies for the day. My wonderful daughter April sent me an Edible Arrangement!

I've never received one of these but you know Iwanna'd one for the longest time!!! Mmmmm, it was delicious. Especially the chocolate dipped strawberries and the pineapple stars!

But the day was young and Iwanna wasn't done. I was treated to dinner by my brother Fred, my sister Lisa and my mom Tomasa. Mom's favorite place is Denny's and even though it was my birthday and I would have loved Mexicali and a frosty Margarita, if it wasn't for mom I wouldn't be here, so Denny's it was! I had a yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwich, then after we came back to my house and enjoyed some more Edible Arrangement and each other.

I wasn't kidding about devouring that Edible Arrangement as you can tell by the picture of me and my sister Lisa! Iwanna is the one on the right.

Brother Fred, mom and sister Lisa on the patio. Looks fresh and lovely doesn't it? It's about 100 degrees at that time!

My sis and bro together! Aren't they photogenic?

And as the sun sets in the West...Iwanna bids you all farewell. Iwanna thank everyone who shared in my special day and Iwanna thank everyone that shared in my sharing of my special day. And then thanks to those who shared in my sharing of the sharing of the special day that was shared. Ok...let me just end by saying, Iwanna more of those chocolate dipped Strawberries!!!

Happy Birthday to Iwanna!!


  1. What a great day! So glad it was special, friend:O)

  2. Glad your day was so special. Two of my closest friends are cancers. No wonder, I feel drawn to you.

    Iwanna wish you a belated happy birthday. : ) xoxo

  3. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to you, my blogbud! Sounds like you had one hell of a fabulous birthday celebration...from the very beginning to the very end.

    So, add me to the list of people who value you and wish you every happiness...all year long!

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Alicia!

    You've got a wonderful family and wonderful friends who have treated you as a Queen on your birthday.
    Many happy returns of the Day!


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