Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday and a Betta Named Dallas

Several years ago I had a Betta Fish named Dallas. I loved Dallas. He was such a good fish. He just swam and watched me. No judgment, no demands. Nope, he was perfect. But alas, I killed poor Dallas!

I didn't do it intentionally. No...we had a bad case of fleas in the apartment where we were living. So one day I decided to take off for the weekend in order to bug bomb the apartment to kill the fleas. I removed and covered all the food and dishes as is suggested on the label. I opened the cabinets, cupboards, and closet doors. I covered furniture with newspapers. I did everything except take little Dallas out of the room. I left him there...all weekend; swimming in poisoned bug-bomb water!

It was a horrible sight to come back after the weekend and see poor Dallas belly up in his little fish bowl! We gave little Dallas a fine burial at sea, (if you know what I mean). I never replaced poor Dallas, but lately I've been thinking about how beautiful he was and how relaxing it was to just sit and watch him swim back and forth. I even enjoyed cleaning his slimy little home.

So what Iwanna this Iwanna Wednesday is a new Betta Fish; Dallas the Sequel!

Dallas the Original was sort of bluish-purplish. But there are so many different colors of Betta Fish, sometimes known as Siamese Fighting Fish.

Take a look at the coloring on this one. I can't tell if it's jade or turquoise or seafoam green! But it's so pretty and Iwanna one just like it. Love the whitish ends of the fins/flippers/wings...whatever.

But maybe a beautiful blue one. I really love then little pincher ends of the fins/flippers/wings on this one. They remind me of those pincher bugs aka Earwigs.

But I've already had a bluish-purple Betta so maybe just go extreme with a bright RED one! This one looks like he's wearing an elegant, red salsa dancing dress!

I love the shininess of this one. He's almost glow-in-the dark Neon isn't he? All glittery and all. Iwanna one of these. I wonder where I can find one?

And of course Iwanna and Dallas the Sequel will wanna a new home too. Check out this one. Is this unique or what? Kind of a pewtery/silver color.

But Iwanna this one also. This one is soooo unique! I just don't know if there's enough swimming room with all the long beautiful fins/flippers/wings that Betta's have.

Ahhhh, and as Goldilocks said....This one is just right! Lots of elbow room :-)
Gold with little curlicue things decorating it. And seeing how beautiful that little guy looks inside maybe that might be the perfect color for my new Betta. This is one Iwanna Wednesday wish that will probably be fulfilled this weekend. I'll let you know!

So what about you? Have you ever bug-bombed a loved one? And what color Betta is your favorite?
Happy Iwanna Wednesday!


  1. I don't think anyone has ever asked me if I've bug-bombed a loved one before....!

    I don't believe so.

    But, it's not too late.

    Love the red, love the cobalt blue! Love the stands, but I thought they needed the roots of plants to eat, or something?

    I don't know much about fighting fish except that they're loners...

  2. I love the lightbulb one, I think I just might get it. This post is neat because we are moving to a suburb of Dallas, called Carrollton:O) Funny:O)

  3. They say fish and the small body of water they swim in, bring Luck into the house. So, Go Ahead, get yourself one!
    I like the glittering purple one and the lightbulb stand.

  4. Fish should never live in any of those three ornaments, there is absolutely not enough room for them in there. Minimum 2.5 gallons for a betta and ideally more than 5.

  5. I'm not being mean, but if you want a fish don't put them in a little lightbulb or jar. They will die a lot sooner than if you put them in an actual tank.

    1. I agree with you 100%, they should definitely have room to spread out. I did end up getting one and I love him and he was in a big fish bowl and he lived for almost 2 years but then one day he just died. I think that's it for me and fish, I just can't handle the loss!

    2. I'm sorry for your fish, Alicia. I'm sure you took really good care of him. :)

  6. Tips on how to care for a beta:
    1. NO males and females together not matter what the pet store says. (My friend went to a pet store once and got a female and a male because the fish people said it was fine. The male ate the female)
    2. Females can be kept together if given lots of hiding places. (Caves that aren't small. Caves that are small can hurt bettas if they get their fins caught. A bundle of plants or a hollow log)
    3. AT LEAST a 2.5 gallon tank. DO NOT PUT THEM IN ANYTHING SMALLER. (They won't live long)
    4. Put plants near filter to block the filter's current. (The current can pull the betta's fins and tear them)
    5. ONLY USE silk plants. Plastic ones will tear their fins.
    6. Make sure there are marbles at the bottom of your tank. I don't suggest gravel. It's rougher, harder to clean, and more expensive.
    7. DO NOT put mirrors near their tanks. They will hurt themselves trying to attack the other fish in his/her territory.
    8. Give them treats every once in a while. Visit a pet store to get frozen bloodworms. Make sure they tell you about how much to give your fish.

    1. Great tips. I knew not to put them together. I put marbles in my fishes bowl and cleaned it regularly and got him the bloodworms as you suggest. He was really a happy little fish and when I came into the room he would swim to the side of the bowl where he could watch me. I swear he knew who I was!

    2. Thanks! That's really cool. I wish Riptide would do that!

    3. Riptide? Is that the name of your fish? Mine was just name "lil fish".

  7. Yes. I get my names usually from books. :D
    Riptide is getting a lot better every day! Now he swims up to the wall of the tank and greets me!
    He's brown on the top of his head, gold on his chin, blue body, and blue with red stripes on his tail.


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