Friday, February 5, 2010

On the Road Again!

I feel like I've been in prison for the past week and kept away from my computer! But no...I haven't been locked up. I've just been working a lot of late hours and trying to get my paperwork in order to have my taxes done and watching American Idol and Greys Anatomy (love that show).

And while I have so many things I want to write about I'm afraid it will have to wait because I'm on the road again! Taking that old Highway 99 North to visit my daughter and beautiful, sweet, precious little Chorizo!

It wasn't a planned trip. I just decided last night. But what the heck! Why not, right?

If you're like me you'll be glued to the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Do I even know who is playing? No, but I love to watch the commercials! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. American Idol and Grey's Anatomy??
    Those shows are some of my favourite too! Don't you just love them!?

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter ^^)


    You'd better head on over to my blog and find out - - - you really only NEED to know ONE team, and you will see ALL the right color at MY place!!!!



    What you MEANT to say was, "I really only care about seeing Peyton pass and Pierre catch - - - I'm pretty SURE that's what you meant, right?


    Think BLUE.

  3. I had already taken photos at school today, planning to post them tonight, but as I was posting, I was THINKING of you - - - so make sure you run over and see my Friday "Blue School Crew" post.

    Have fun - - -

  4. One of these trips up here, we should meet for coffee! I would love to meet my sweet blog friend!!

  5. Alicia, have a wonderful time with your daughter and the sweet, precious, chorizo.

    I won't be glued to the TV while the super bowl is on but I'm sure my husband will be. The only team I know that's playing is the Jets and I'm not even a hundred percent sure about that.

  6. Oh, have a good time, sweetie! And I've been meaning to mention *almost* seem more excited to see that cute little puppy than your offspring. I'm just your post!!

    I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal's much more my speed.

    Be careful driving....have FUN!!


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