Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm still Alive!

I'm still alive...but just barely.
Last week on Wednesday I started with a little scratchiness in my throat. The next morning I left along with my mom, my sister and my brother Fred and his family to Arizona.

That's the state the flag in the previous post belongs to...ARIZONA, state of my birth!

We went to Arizona to attend the funeral of my mother's sister, my Tia Herminia. It was sad to have to go for such a reason, but there's always a silver lining which I'll post about soon.

I didn't feel too great on Thursday when we left but I started taking some antibiotics my sister had left over and I hung in there all that day while I drove about 10 hours to Phoenix, Arizona.

My body actually hung in there Friday, Saturday and for the long 10 hour drive home on Sunday. Sunday night I was coughing so bad I took some cough medicine with Codeine and I've been feeling it ever since. Today is the first day that I've actually felt like I have a brain and I'm not a Zombie!

(Put some glasses on this little cartoon girl and I look exactly like that, even on a good day!)

I've gone to work each day, cause I'm so dootiful dutiful. But this cold has really kicked my butt. So much so that I haven't even watched American Idol!!!!! You know something is wrong with me when I miss me my American Idol!

But I have lots of photos to show you and lots of stories about Arizona. Just bear with me and we'll all get through this together. Oh guys aren't sick, just me!


  1. Ten hours driving to and fro - that can really lower the body's immunity and promote illness. And then going to work feeling unwell isn't helpful either.

    I wish you a fast recovery!

  2. I am so sorry! Feel better, I pray that God may heal you today:O)

  3. Sorry to hear you are sick. Those nasty colds can really take it our of you. Hope your back to 100% soon.

  4. You poor thing! I can't imagine feeling that way and traveling at the same time. I hope you are able to get lots of rest!!

  5. I hope you are over this illness very soon! It sounds awful.


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