Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs - Does Life Get Any Better?

My sister Lisa and I like to get together on Friday's after work and do something special. Kinda to treat ourselves cause we managed to get through another day and "the man" didn't kill us! Usually we eat! Duh, no surprise there. We love our food!

A couple of weeks ago, my brother in law, Sean (affectionately known by all as Guero) got in on our Friday night act by making dinner for us. My sister called me and told me that her husband was making us Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. Just to let you know Lisa's feelings about bacon; her favorite motto is "Any day with Bacon is a good day".

Now I'd heard about bacon wrapped hot dogs from my sister in law Norma who hails from a small town in Mexico called Caborca. Bacon wrapped hot dogs are apparently one the specialties there and she'd always promised to make them for us someday. We could wait no longer Norma, sorry.

I gotta say, they were scrumptiously delicious! My brother in law wrapped them in a thick cut bacon that's sold in the meat department of the store my nephew Sean works at, Apple Market. He wrapped the bacon around them, secured the edges with toothpicks and then placed them on a cookie sheet in the oven where he lovingly kept watch over them turning them every few minutes so that every single delicious curve of bacon was cooked.

He then set out a smorgasbord of condiments! We had finely chopped onion, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, chili beans, cheese, ketchup, mayo, relish, and mustard. I'll have a little of everything, thank you! They were delicious and like nothing I had ever had.

So a couple of weeks later I decided to try making them. I didn't have the thick cut bacon, just regular cut, actually it seemed to me the bacon I had was extra thin. This made it much easier for it to adhere to the hot dog, it just kinda sucked itself to the weenie. (Hahaha, don't you love the word weenie?)

Anyway, I didn't even need to secure the edges with anything, the bacon just stayed sucked on. I carefully turned them as my brother in law did and they came out great! 

I didn't have all the condiments, but I did have some diced up red onion and jalapeno that I had left over from the chili beans I made for Super Bowl, so I used those and OH MY GOSH, if you do nothing else this weekend, make these hotdogs. They are out of this world and your kids will love them and you don't even need the bun if you're on a low carb/high protein diet..MAKE THEM!!!

I also am a huge fan of bacon wrapped shrimp and I don't even like shrimp. I also love bacon wrapped water chestnuts, mmmmmmmm. What do you like to wrap your bacon around?


  1. I will have to make those, they are calling my name:)HA!
    Last week I made bacon wrapped meatloaf! My hubbs and I are not really fans of meatloaf, but with bacon on it it was amazing. I agree with your sister, Any day with bacon is a good day:)

  2. I never would have thought to wrap bacon around hot dogs. I've never made anything with bacon wrapped around it but I do love Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carls Jr.

  3. Oh, god! I can feel my arteries clogging...just looking at that photo!

    Da boys love bacon...and those look delicious!

    Okay! I'll give it a try. Have the fire extinguisher handy...


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