Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm you didn't know I was gone!

Well I'm back sports fans! But I'm sure ya'll didn't even know I was gone. 

Yep, I left Thursday morning and just got back home.

The image above should give you a hint as to where I went.

It's been such a grueling day that I'm going to take a shower; take some Tylenol w/Codeine and call it a night because I have typhoid fever a cold/flu and I'm tired and I've been coughing like a maniac for 5 days.

There's no place like home...
there's no place like home... 
Click, Click (me clicking my heels together to carry me off to bed).


  1. I have no idea were the flag is from??????Hints???

  2. I'm glad your back! So sorry your not feeling well.
    That image makes me think of the beginning of The Wonder Women Show. You remember that one?
    I think I need a hint of your travels.

  3. That's what I also keep saying: 'There's no place like home".
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I cheated. I googled and when that didn't work I clicked on your photo and got the initial AZ, so now I know you were in Arizona. I hope you had a great time. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Welcome home.

    Take lottsa drugs and feel better. :-)

  6. oooh, well I hope you didn't go somewhere and get an exotic disease and then get on a plane, and then....

    Okay, I just hope you are feeling better soon!

    Also... I'm just letting all my followers (and you are one) know about my giveaway... nothing to do to enter.

    You are already entered!

    Just my way to say thanks!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean


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