Sunday, February 7, 2010

Memory of my high schools days

Today my son Jim was telling me about a car that he saw recently that he fell in love with. It's an older model car, what I would consider a muscle car.

That got me to thinking about my first car and I wanted to show him what it looked like. I'm sure I have a picture of that car, but it's probably in a box somewhere in the garage and I wasn't about to go out there and look for it on Super Bowl Sunday. But since I have the world at my fingertips, I just did a google search for a 1975 Oldsmobile Omega SX and I was lucky that not only was there a picture of the car but it's the exact same color mine was.

Of course my car was shiny and brand new. I think it had 64 miles on it when I got it.

I got it my Junior year in high school. I had only had my license for a short while and my parents decided to buy me a new car. I believed then and I still believe now that they bought me the new car to prevent me from going away to college. At that time I was making plans with my best friend Patricia to go to either San Diego State or the University of Redlands. 

Patty's dad had bought a small single wide mobile home that he was going to park in a trailer park close to the college and he wanted me to live with Patty, rent free, while we both went to school together. My parents were not thrilled with the idea, especially my dad.

My dad asked me if I wanted to go away to college, or did I want to go to a local junior college and get a new car during my Senior year. Hmmmm, tough choice for a 17 year old right? What would you choose? I obviously chose the car!

So my parents went shopping for a car for me one Saturday while I was working at a part time job I had at a store called Farmers Market. One side of the market was a market, with a full service deli. The other side of the market was like a mini Walmart, you could find anything and everything there from fabric to furniture. I worked on the Walmartish side every Saturday and Sunday.

Since I couldn't go with them, they brought cars to me. Then, as now, a car to me was simply a means to get from here to there. I didn't know much about cars, I didn't really mind what kind of car I had, I just want to get to where I was going and I wanted it to be reliable. 

The first car my parents brought to me was a brand new Ford Mustang. It was jet black with black interior. Practical me didn't even take into account that it was a MUSTANG! And a black one at that. My only thought was that during the summer it would be H.O.T. and it would take forever to cool it down. So I said no.

The next car my parents brought to me was...get this...a 1975 Lime Green Corvette. I couldn't find a picture but it was this exact same color green.

And the seats matched, they were a lime green plaid something like this.
Now, just so you understand my ignorance when it came to cars...I didn't know or realize what a Corvette was. I mean I do now, but not then. Then it was just an ugly green car! And I love green; it is my favorite color, but that was such a hideous green and the plaid "ugh" it made me shiver. So I again said no, I don't want this one either. 

So they left again and came back with the blue and white Omega SX and now after all these years I'm going to disclose that what I loved best about the car was the SX, because to me that meant Sexy, my car was sexy and if my car was sexy then obviously I was sexy. Silly I know but that's how my 17 year old mind worked then. 

And I loved that car. That car and I went through alot together. When I first got it I washed it every day after school. And I used to give my brother Fred and my sister Lisa a ride to school in it every day and every time that the car hit another 100 miles I would pull over and we would all cheer and clap and act like lunatics. I had the greatest siblings that were silly and crazy with me.

Everyone should always remember their first car. I've had many, many cars since then but never one that I washed every single day or one that I cheered and clapped for every 100 miles.  That was my Sexy car and I loved it. 

So what was your first car and what do you remember best about it? Or what was your favorite car you've every owned or what is your dream car that you hope someday to own? Do tell :-)


  1. I've had several cars that were mine before I got my driver's license but I consider my first car as a licensed driver, my 1976 volkswagen bug. It was silver and my mom had put my name in gold lettering on the back of the car and I had a brand new 8 track tape deck. I really thought I was stylin. I used to love to listen to Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, and Best of Bread

  2. Great post!!! I laughed at the SX being sexy. Sounds exactly like a 17 yr old. Brought back lots of memories. My first car was a 1971 Chev Camaro. I didn't get it until I was out of high school & I had to buy it myself. I wanted a Camaro or a Mustang so bad. But I wanted a '67 or '68, but couldn't find one I could afford. So I settled for a '71 Camaro. It was a fun car. But not great for driving in the snow when I moved to Utah, so I got rid of it. Something that I regret to this day. Even my step son says, you should have kept the Camaro.

    Before I bought the Camaro, I wanted to buy a Corvette. I babysat for a doctor who had numerous Corvettes and was going to sell me a 60 something model for way cheap, but my dad wouldn't let me buy it. He said I would be killed if I drove a Corvette. Luckily he let me buy the Camaro instead.

    But now I see the same year Corvettes selling for big bucks. If only!!!!

    Thanks for the memories. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  3. Plaid seats! They don't have those anymore, someone should definitely bring it back. It adds style!

  4. What a great memory you have, Alicia. I barely remember my first car. All I can remember is my dad "sold" it to me (for a song, I suspect) the summer before I started work as a fourth-grade teacher. I was 21. I also got my driver's license the day he sold me the car. Before that I had used public transportation and/or walked. :)

  5. I love all the great responses to this post!!!!

    JarieLynn - I love that you had your name on your bug! I wish I had thought of that! I remember 8 tracks, my fav was Billy Joel! Ahhh, memories :-)

    Kim @ Starshine Chic - Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda...I know exactly how you feel. I wish we could go back in time but retain the knowledge and wisdom we had now. What different choices we would make huh?

    Paul - Hey, a new commenter! Love it! Thanks so much. You know, now I think the plaid seat are cool, but then it was like my car seats would have had pajamas on them. *sigh* the silliness of youth.

    Stine in Ontario - Wow, 21 and you were barely getting your license? That's so hard to fathom. I know plenty of 16 year olds that need to wait until they're 21 to drive though, so maybe it's not such a bad idea.

  6. I can't believe you turned down a black Mustang! Talk about sex-ay! I mean, a Corvette's sexy too...but you'd stick out BIG TIME with that color!


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