Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday with A Southern Daydreamer

I decided to post my Iwanna Wednesday just a tad early, although to be fair on the East Coast it is already Wednesday. So technically it's not early; I just live in the wrong time zone :-)

Anyway, Iwanna participate in A Southern Daydreamers Outdoor Wednesday event. And since my Iwanna post was about the outdoors and Bluebirds and stuff I figured it fit. So don't forget after seeing what Iwanna you can go to A Southern Daydreamers blog and see what else everyone else is doing outdoors while you're indoors reading blogs!! Just kidding, I know ya'll get out there sometimes. Ok...so scoot, go see what others are doing.

Be Well!

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  1. Holy Birdbaths, you sure have a lot of unique bird things. Very pretty and yes, sadly I do know who Minnie Pearl is.

  2. Hi Alicia,
    Thanks for visiting and for your help with my space problem between pictures. Very nice!!!


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