Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Hippy Bees ~ Revisited

I've received quite a few (two) emails asking about the Hippy Bees? Did the Bee Whisperer kill them?

So I thought I would update everyone with the story of the bees and photos.

My bee whisperer showed up the day after he said he would, but this time instead of arriving on his white horse (big white truck) wearing his Knight in Shining Armor outfit (jeans and a tshirt), he came in his small politically correct green car (I don't mean the color green but the gas saving, energy saving, save the planet "green" car). And he wearing his Young Republican outfit, dress slacks, white shirt and a tie!

Ack! I was shocked, but then he smiled and all was right in my world once again. My muse was still...my muse!

We went into the backyard and he's checking out the hives and he can't believe how much bigger they are. He tells me he will be back around 8:30 or 9pm with a ladder, his Bee-Man suit and the poison because there is no way he can save them, the hive is just too big.

He comes back about 45 minutes later with a posse of Bee-men (ok, one - one bee man). His posse is an expert bee keeper and he comes out and says, "Yep, those are a whole lotta bees!" Don't you love experts? So they Ooh and aah at the bees and they decide it's going to take about three times of spraying the poison and then the tree trunk will have to be filled with some type of air foam that sprays out of a can and fills in big holes so that the bees won't come back. I'm all for it...I sure don't want them to come back.

So the Bee Whisperer comes back at about 8:30pm with his ladder and full Bee-man regalia and he asks me to turn the back door light on and go inside. I do, cause I really don't want to be anywhere near those bees when he irritates them.

I watch by the window and he keeps telling me not to come out...and I keep telling/yelling at him, "Don't worry...I won't". And he places the ladder on the tree and climbs up about 10 feet and starts to spray them.

And oh my gosh! Did those bees ever get mad, all of a sudden they fly towards the backdoor light where I am standing by the backdoor, safely inside and I can hear them buzzing. It sounds like a chain saw and the sky is filled with them.

My Bee Whisperer finishes his job, loads up his ladder takes off his suit and comes to the front of the house to the front door and advises me that it might be a good idea not to go out back tonight at all and maybe not tomorrow either and he will be back in a couple of days to spray them again.

So I kept an eye out to see what was going on, safely, through the window for the rest of the night until I went to bed. I could see tons of bees all over my back patio. I finally turned out the light and went to bed.

This is what I saw the next day. . .

A pile of dead bees near the trunk of the tree... click on the picture and it should enlarge.

You can see little bee carcasses all over the cement there by the tree trunk, they were like that all over the patio, you had to sweep them out of the way to get to the trunk.

The Bee Whisperer is definitely going to have to come back again, because even though those are a lot of bees on the ground there are still a bunch in the tree.

Here's a shot of before the Bee Killing . . .

And here's a shot of the hive today. As you can see there are a lot less bees, but there are still some there. More than likely the queen bee is still there and these bees that are left are there to protect her and won't leave.

So my Bee Whisperer is slated to come back tomorrow. Hopefully he can get them all, but I will keep you all updated.

Bee Happy!


  1. Alicia...do you have the hots for the Bee Keeper?? LOL
    Ok I know back to the beeeeeesssssssssss
    That's a whole lotta bees Missy.
    Glad your rid of them. Keep us posted for sure.
    Love a good story.
    Happy OW for now.
    Love Claudie

  2. Hi Alicia ~
    What kind of bees were they - I hope not honey bees...I am wierd - I like bees - but,I guess if I had a swarm , I may think differently.

  3. Oh my goodness. My skin got the creepy crawlies just looking at the picture. Looks as if your problem is solved!

  4. Good morning Alicia, wow... I have never seen so many bees!! It would make me nervous to go outside.I am glad the "bee-man" is coming again to finish the job..

    Thanks for your visit to my place and come over anytime..hugs, Baba

  5. Holy Bees!!!! That sure is a problem. Hopefully this time he gets all those little buggers....I mean bees.

  6. I'm not really afraid of bees, but once I had a swarm in a lilac bush. There were so many, it bent the branch down to the ground. It scared me. However, they flew away the following day.

  7. That is a really impressive mass of bees. I can't believe there are still more. I hope your problem is soon over. Have a great day.

  8. Ewwww! If we had those living in our tree, I'd probably want to move!


  9. Hello Alicia,

    Wow, and I thought I had bee problems yesterday after work when I went home and trimmed back my bougainvillea. I made certain little critters not so happy! My nest was nothing in comparison with yours and luckily I did not have to kill them (or have them killed).

    ~ Tracy

  10. okay that is just a bit creepy! Three years ago we noticed lots of bees congregating in a hole in one of our trees. We had to have the tree cut down cause it was too close to the house and was pretty brittle, and with all the bees in there we thought it must be getting hollow.

    Well they came and cut down the tree, but left the stump about 3 feet high, cause the bee activity was tooo much.

    Last Fall when they slowed down entering the stump (maybe 75 every minute) I stuck the hose in the top of the stump and turned it on. I never saw the mass exodus - they just stopped coming around. I never knew what happened to them.

    Well this year they are back (stupid us didn't get the stump out yet). Everyone says not to kill them cause they are so needed and are getting small in numbers, but you know - you just can't have that many bees right by your front door.

    Oh boy can I sympathize with you! Hope it comes to a good ending for you.

  11. Interesting experience....with my allergic reaction to bee stings, I am glad to be here and not there.
    Hope your Bee Whisperer can get them all this time.


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