Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

I can't believe I almost forgot about Iwanna Wednesday! It threw me off as Monday was a holiday. Now I feel like today is Tuesday since this is only the second day I've worked this week!

But luckily I remembered just in time. I am your hostess...Iwanna.

is a name given to me by my sister because it doesn't matter what store we go into there is always something "I Want" the second we walk in...hence the name Iwanna.

And just because Iwanna things doesn't mean I get them, although I have to admit there have been a few times that I do get them, thanks to my loved ones, especially my daughter. Thank you April.

Ok, so let's get to it shall we?

As you know, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality hosts a Monday Thrifty Treasures party where you can link up to her to show what thrifty treasures you've found. I've participated quite a few times. Now my Iwanna Wednesday would not be necessary if Rhoda just moved out of her house and let me live in it, cause Iwanna everything she has in there! It's gorgeous!

Alas, even Iwanna can't have that, but Rhoda did give me a great shopping idea. She has a special giveaway to Southern Living that she is doing. You just need to go visit Southern Living and post a comment on Rhoda's blog to be entered. Eazy Peazy!

So I went...cause who doesn't love a giveaway right? And I entered...and I fell in love, with Southern Living. Iwanna stuff bad! Just check out their catalog.

I picked out a few of my favorite things. JUST LOOK!

*sigh* Iwanna this lovely little serving bowl. Just in time for fall and the holidays. It's called a Christmas Memories Serving Bowl and it's set into an Ornate Iron Bowl Stand...dreamy no?

Iwanna this lovely trifle bowl. This is called the Devonshire Lidded Trifle, and it has so many uses!

I really Iwanna this one. It's just so perfect. I would love two of them please. One to display on either side of the painting over my couch. This is the Damask Wall Accent with a metal finish.

What Iwanna from this next one is the serving tray. The colors just catch my eye and make me smile. I can imagine placing it on the table filled with home made cookies or muffins (anyone wanna come over and bake them?) The bowl is pretty too...but I'm drooling over the tray. This is from the Gail Pittman Veranda Collection.

This is my next to the last favorite! If I can't have the green wall accent above, then Iwanna this one. The vase is removal from the sleeve. This is called the Juniper Vase with the multi-layer reactive glaze with a removal curling metal sleeve.

And now, the Grand Finale...the Pièce de résistance. This is four Filigree Iron Wall Sconces displayed in a way that makes it look like one whole piece. Of course Iwanna the Cordova Candle Sconces on either side as well. And as long as this is Iwanna Wednesday, just go ahead and throw in the whole display on the mantle as well...and the fall leaf garland. I've been looking for some of that anyway.

Well that's it for Iwanna Wednesday. Now what Iwanna is for you to tell me which one of these lovelies is your favorite?


  1. LOL, you crazy kid! Fall is coming and so is the season of Pumpkin Bread...I promise!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!! i'm hosting a Goodwill party every Wednesday!! Stop by and join in.

  3. I like filigree work, so my favourite is the last piece- the iron wall scounces.

  4. Oooohh...hands down the Damask piece!! Gorgeous!! I have some SL pieces and I love them!! I have two rooster sconces and a free-standing rooster candleholder that came from them several years ago back when they had a French country collection. Around here, I frequently see their older pieces showing up at Goodwill. Are people crazy??? That stuff is expensive!! lol As for uses for the blue tarp, I was thinking of putting down when you spray paint. I've got to paint a headboard soon and that would be just the trick!...Debbie


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