Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Cloche for April...not the month...the daughter!

Hi and welcome to my first ever Cloche attempt!

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is hosting a cloche party, so I'm trying my hand at creating one. No easy task as it takes a creative mind and yours truly isn't exactly creative...most of the time. But here goes and I hope you like it!

Some of you may be asking, "What is a Cloche"? Cloche is french for bell. It's formed of a piece of glass shaped like a dome and it's purpose is to protect garden plants from cold weather and frost.

I didn't have a formal cloche or bell jar or apothecary jar, so what I did was take my hurricane lamp and turn it upside down, which makes a bell shape...hence a cloche!

I thought long and hard about what I would put under my cloche. I wanted something fall like, even though it's still in the high 90's outside. So I decided that I would do a little display for my daughter April.

A few months ago she took a job about 4 hours away and I've only seen her once since then. She's coming home this Saturday just for the day and so I figured I would go ahead and use some of her most loved things.

So here it Cloche. April is collecting tea cups. This is the first one that she has found. She has four others because she's claiming the four that belonged to my former mother-in-law, April's Right now all five are in my possession. Also pictured are April's Russian Nesting Dolls which I gave her as a gift this year for her birthday...on Aprils Fools Day and yes, that is her actual birthday. I added the tray, flowers and candle just to give the display some fall colors.

I'm going to display it on my kitchen table, but I might move it on the weekend to my coffee table so I can see it while I do my "couch potato" thing. :-)

Here's a closeup of the cup and saucer. I love this picture, the way the light is reflected in the glass and mirror on the tray.

Here's a closeup of the Russian Nesting dolls...I felt they had great fall colors. The little orange candle in the background just is a nice fall color and also smells great! The little brown tray is from Goodwill and I've been debating painting it. It has a mirrored bottom and I keep it on my kitchen counter.

And the silk flowers were given to me by my sister. The rest of them are displayed in the barrel planter on my patio. I do great with silk, not so much with real flowers. I believe these would be mums?

So...what did you think of my first every cloche? I had a fun time creating it and now I hope you all head over the Marty's, A Stroll Thru Life and see what everyone else created!


  1. Hi Alicia! I love your cloche vignette! The cup and saucer are real treasures! And the Russian dolls are so cute! April 1st is my SIL's birthday, too! Enjoy your time with your daughter! Happy weekend...Debbie

  2. Love the nesting dolls! They have such great vivid colors, too precious!

  3. Very cute and I'm sure April will love seeing this...May you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. I think its cute! No cloches here either.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very creative! I love that your daughter is collecting tea cups! I enjoyed reading the story behind the title of your blog (because, of course, I had no idea what it meant :)!

  6. What a pretty vignette. Great idea for a cloche - you did good. :)

  7. Hi Alicia!
    Love your cloche. You have to come visit mine and you will see why. Good minds think alike. Love it, and I have a story too. Please stop by. Great job sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  8. Oh I love it. What a fabulous idea to turn the jar upside down and put that gorgeous teacup and saucer inside. I love the Russian dolls too and the pretty tray and flowers with the candle. Such a lovely vignette. I know your daughter will love it. Have a good time visiting. Thank you so much for joining the party, I have had so much fun looking at how creative everyone is. Hugs, Marty

  9. This is such a sweet collection to display!

  10. Hi Alicia, You created a cute vignette within you hurricane, turned cloche! The teacups she is starting to collect are obviously something that is special to her, so I'm sure she will appreciate your doing this in her honor. Adding the silk flowers to the colorful nesting dolls and candle made this a nice fall arrangement. So, do you think you'll paint the tray? Maybe white or black would be good, depending on what would go better with your decor.
    Stop by for a visit again if you have some time.
    :-) Sue

  11. Well this is so cute! And has given me lots of new ideas. I love the dolls, so sweet!

  12. Alaicia,

    Thank you for defining cloche. I thought it meant dome...close!!

    Love the little display you made for your daughter. She will be thrilled! It's very pretty.

    Hope you have a great weekend. :-)


  13. Such a sweet little display! Love how it looks and the story behind it.

  14. OMG! We're telepathic! I thought of doing what you did with the hurricane lamp...but did I? You are so creatively artistic Love it!

  15. oops. Just saw you had come from the new post. =0))


  16. I love how the light was reflecting on the cup and saucer too. Like how you turned the pedestal glassware upside down to create a cloche....creative!!!

    xoxox~ Tonya

  17. What a lovely way to present your daughter's teacups! I love the Russian dolls.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  18. Your cloche display is just fantastic! I adore your little nesting dolls.


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