Sunday, December 28, 2008

What I got for Christmas

I was a good girl this year because Santa was very generous to me. I got lots of good stuff, including a blue tooth earpiece since California is now a "hand-free" state. Up to now I had just been blatantly breaking the law!

But I really wanted to share pictures of these awesome bowls and plates my daughter gave me. She knows me so well! I didn't even have them on my Iwanna Wednesdays and she knew that Iwanna'd them!

These plates are a set of four and they are so cute! I have to get plate holders so that next year I can display them in my kitchen at Christmas time. They would be the perfect size to serve pie or some other luscious dessert, but I will cherish these and not use them because I already had a casualty involving my Christmas goblets!

And don't you love these? I love the bright colors and they way the bowls all nest one inside the other, makes it great to store them. The little square plates are great too and match the bowls. These I will definitely use all throughout the year!

See how they nest together for storage? They also make a really pretty picture don't they?

And here they are all in a line, I love them. I wish that my kitchen cabinets didn't go all the way up to the ceiling and instead had room for storage up above them so I could display the bowls separately like they are below!

Thank you April! You know your momma! Love you!!!

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