Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely are your branches...

I think we did a heck of a job decorating this year. This is only my second year in my new home. The first home I've ever owned, so I just want to post pictures of my tree and other decorations this year.

Here's my Santa Claus windsock. I've had this for about 6 or so years. He's held up really well and I can always tell when it's windy outside when I see Santa dancing!
Awww, the lovely ladies I work with, from left to right, Anna, Michele, Mary and Angelica. We were just getting ready to leave to our Corporate Christmas party in Fresno so we were all excited and happy! It was a great time, great food and I won a gift basket with pistachios and candies. Last year everyone won something but me and this year I was the only one that won. I guess I was a really good girl this year :-)

Here's my son hanging up the outside lights around the house. He chose blue lights last year for some reason. They look really pretty at night, I'll try to get some pictures. They look sort of like blue ice all around the house. Sad thing was right after I took this picture he had just moved the ladder and was coming back down and his foot went into a hole in the ground and he fell and sprained his ankle pretty badly. I had to get the crutches out of the garage just so he could get back inside. Luckily my brother Fred came to the rescue and finished putting up the rest of the lights. Thanks FRED and sorry Jim, we'll be more careful next year.

Here's my mantle. It really doesn't photograph well, but I took some night pictures I'll try to post later that show it off a little better. This one was taken in the day so the lights aren't on and the candles aren't lit. I put some of my favorite very delicate ornaments on display here. My son recently hung my mirror and the colorful diamonds on either side are actually candle plates for big huge candles, but they're mirror and the catch the light beautiful. This picture doesn't even begin to capture their real beauty.

And.........Ta da!!!! My Christmas Tree. From the window outside at night it looks like I have a tree that's 10feet tall, but it's really only 6.5feet, but I love it. It's a fake tree of course, but I've had it for years and it's so easy to put up and take down. I do miss the Tree smell though.

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