Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift Opening

I saw a poll that was taken on Monday about how many people open presents on Christmas Eve as compared to Christmas Day and I think a lot of Mexicans must have voted because 84% said they opened them on Christmas Eve. I know that we have always opened them Christmas Eve and I know that my sister-in-law Norma's family waits til exactly midnight on Christmas Eve to open them. I've never known anyone that waited til Christmas morning, have you?

Here's a few pictures of our Christmas Eve...

Me and my sister with my dad and his sister, from left to right, my sister Lisa, my aunt "Tia Mary", me and in the back, my dad Federico. To get the festivities started, lets make some pomegranate martini's or pomtini's! Just some pomegranate martini mix and vodka (you wimps can add a splash of sprite).

My namesake, Alicia Jr wondering how she can steal this bottle for later. See that evil grin? You know she's up to no good! (She's so me, hahaha)

April, the official taste tester. See my pretty Christmas goblets? One of them did not survive the festivities :-( The official story is that April didn't break it, but the investigation is still on-going.

MELISSA!!! Wake up, it's time to open presents! You don't want to miss it do you??? Melissa is the littlest grandchild, she still doesn't know what these presents are all about, she just thought it would be fun to sleep on them.April is the oldest grandchild, and she's an old pro at Christmas. She wastes no time in opening those presents!And you can tell that I've had way too many pomtini's already cause I'm singing as I open my presents and really only the little kids had to sing Alicia!A gift from my daughter, look at us two pomtini-heads! Hee-hee!More presents for April.
Lisa gave mom (Nana) a beautiful red jacket,which she put on right away. Yep that's right, eat your hearts out Jim and Fred! Nana is Stylin!And Fred is styling himself in this new black cowboy shirt from his mom and dad. Lookin good Fred!Fred gets all romantic with his woman...awwwww, que bonitos!No Tata, this isn't a "show what you got for Christmas" photo! It's a grandparents and grandchildren photos. Geesh Tata!
Ok, never mind Tata, lets just take a picture of the girls. Here you have Nana (my mom), and my nieces Sarena and Clarissa...aren't they beautiful!OMG...A Christmas Midget!!! Oh, never mind, that's just me :-) Me and my mommy and daddy.Me and my namesake, Alicia. Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?And the Fred Alarcon family. Little Fred is a little blurry, I think Melissa was kicking him and he was moving away, but still, all in all, a nice picture.
And here I am, all pomtini'ed and tuckered out. It was a long, long day, but a lot of fun, a lot of love and a lot of Christmas blessings to our whole family.

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