Monday, January 17, 2011

What's up with Chorizo?

Just what is up with Chorizo? It's been a while since I posted any stories or pictures of Chorizo right?

In case you don't know what Chorizo's a spicy Mexican Sausage. Well at least the Mexican version that I'm used to is. I buy it in the store in the deli aisle and it looks something like this. . .

You can buy either the pork of the beef version. Both equally delicious if you ask me! You take this out of it's protective plastic packaging, throw it into a frying pan and treat it like it's ground beef, you just keep breaking it up and stirring it for a few minutes. Then you can use this crumbly, spicy meat to make wonderful dishes like. . .

Huevos Con Chorizo ......... Eggs and Chorizo. You just whip up some eggs with a fork in a bowl and then add them to the cooked chorizo in the frying pan and cook until the eggs are as set as you like them. You can then eat them with a spoon or even better, heat up a flour tortilla and wrap this spicy mixture up into a burrito. Yum! Nothing better for breakfast!

Another thing you can do with the crumbled up, fried up Chorizo is Papa's Con Chorizo, or Chorizo with Potatoes! To tell the truth, I love this little concoction better even than Huevos con Chorizo. With this dish you fry up the potatoes in strips or cubes, just like you're going to make country potatoes. Then in a seperate pan you fry the chorizo. When the potatoes are cooked to the consistency you like (I like mine slightly crunchy still) you mix the chorizo in. Serve this alongside eggs or french toast or anything else. It goes with anything! Oh...and again just wrap this stuff inside a flour makes an excellent burrito!

Another wonderful dish you can make with Chorizo is Nachos. Ohhhhhh I so love Nachos. My sister and I love to go to this wonderful Mexican restaurant in Bakersfield known as Mexicali. They serve the best Chorizo Nachos in the world! I know several people will say, "Oh no! The best nachos are Chile Verde Nacho's" But to them I say "Pshaw! You don't know Nacho's my friend."

You layer torillas chips, the cooked Chorizo, cheese, green onions, black olives, tomatoes and Jalapenos, then place them in the oven until the cheese is melted and gooey; then in the broiler for just a second to brown the top. Oh my Gosh...there is nothing better with a cold beer or an icy, lemony-limey margarita!!!

Great! Now I've made myself hungry! And probably you too right? But the Chorizo I'm talking about when I say what's up with Chorizo is my daughters little Shih-Poo puppy...Chorizo. Here's Chorizo now saying "Huh? What? You're talking about me and not the spicy sausage that smells soooooooo darn good when you cook it?"

Chorizo believe it or not is a girl puppy. I know, I know. With a name like Chorizo you would expect her to be a boy puppy. My daughter April just loved the name Chorizo and probably because she loves the spicy Mexican sausage Chorizo!

Chorizo is her own spicy Mexican Sausage...well maybe a spicy Shih-Poo Sausage. Oh now she's baring her teeth at me. I love when she does that!

Awwww! Isn't she precious. She honestly thinks my coffee table belongs to her. I think she likes it because when she's on the coffee table it's cool and she's in the center of everything that is going on and she loves being the center of attention!

And when it's been a long day, and a puppy just wants a warm soft place to go to there's nothing like a great-grandmamma's lap for a little snooze.

G'Nite little Chorizo. We promise not to cover you with cheese and jalapenos and eat you all up and wash you down with an icy margarita...even if you are cute enough to eat!

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  1. Chorizo is so cute! What an adorable dog!!
    I love the other kind of chorizo too but I haven't had any in a long time. Seemed to be something we saw more of when we lived in CA. Now I'm going to go see if I can find some here in MO.
    Have a great day!

  2. Chorizo is precious isn't she!

    I hope you can find some of the edible chorizo in your neck of the woods.

    I had a friend who lived in Alabama and it cracked me up when he would tell me that they could only buy frozen tortillas there and not on a regular basis. Any store you go to in California you will find stacks and stacks of fresh flour and/or corn tortillas.

  3. What a cute post today and Chorizo is so cute too.

  4. Donnie - Thank you! She is pretty darn cute and we love her to bits!

  5. Love me some chorizo! My step mom was spanish and she made me chorizo and eggs every weekend when I was growing up...why have I not made this in so long?! Its so yummy!!

  6. Ah ha, what a cute post. I was all into the food you were describing too. It all sounds so yummy and then bam! you go and change it up to the little cutie at the end. What a delight.

  7. AB HOME Interiors - You need to make it...right now...go on, go to the store and buy some Chorizo!!!

  8. ~JarieLyn~ - I'm just tricky like that. Get you all interested in the food and BAM...sucker punch ya with a puppy.

  9. It seems mexican dishes are very 'inviting'. Your recipes and pictures greatly contribute to this impression.

    As for Chorizo, your daughter's
    puppy, she's quite a character!

    I like to read your posts, Alicia. You've got a very appealing writing style, and your topics are universal.

  10. DUTA - Thank you so much Duta! It's a mutual admiration society between you and I as I love visiting your fascinating and educational blog!

  11. I love chorizo, with papas, with fur or with my mom. love the pic with mom and chorizo. Tell mom I want chorizo and papas this saturday to go with my cofee. LMAO

  12. What a cute pooch, and a timely post. My husband keeps buying chorizo and we really have no idea what to do with it. He did make a twice baked potato recipe from Country Living with chorizo and goat cheese. Eh, it was good, but nothing special.

  13. Lisa - We made chorizo for you and you didnt come! This weekend you seal the deal!

  14. Your Chorizo is nearly identical to our Maxxie (except he has a red tail). Such a cutie!

  15. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog through google images and your puppy looks just like mine! I love my Shih-poo puppy :) I have pics of him on my blog, the resemblance is really uncanny lol


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