Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Iwanna Wednesday - A New Year

Well the holiday are over and I for one am so glad! Not that I didn't enjoy them, cause I did...but because now things can get back to normal!

It seems to me that every weekend we had something planned, Thanksgiving Weekend, then Tamale Making Weekend, then Christmas Shopping Weekend, followed by Biscocho Making Weekend, then Christmas Eve and Christmas Weekend and finally New Years Eve and New Years Weekend. I'm exhausted and just a tad heavier than I was just a short month and a half ago!

I gave myself a little break from blogging because frankly it was just too hectic with the busy weekends and year end stuff at work and then it was too cold and I just wanted to cuddle up on the couch or in bed with my electric blanket, hence the tad more heaviness!

But's 2011! Happy New Year everyone. The end of the old year and the beginning of a new year is a good time to contemplate your life and dreams and future and that's what I've been doing of late. I realize that before I got sick with Thyroid Cancer (August 2008) I was doing lots of fun things and keeping active. I was playing tennis and was a member of a tennis club, I was going to Curves Fitness Center 4 times per week and I was going dancing with friends most Friday and Saturday nights.

Having thyroid cancer really drained my energy. At the time I didn't know that I had this disease...I just thought I was old, I had just turned 50 and blamed my lack of energy and various aches and pains on my age.

 I also think that after my surgery I went through a period of feeling sorry for myself and fear of whether or not I was really I just kinda skimmed through life for a while; not really getting back into the swing of things.

Then in 2010 I got hit with Sciatica and what energy I was starting to get back was just devastated by this new disease. Quite frankly if I had to have Thyroid Cancer or Sciatica I would choose the cancer. Sciatica was just the most painful thing I have ever had to endure and I'm still not 100%!!

But it's a new year and it's time to get my life back and do the things Iwanna do! That's what this Iwanna Wednesday is about; setting goals for myself by telling the world what Iwanna accomplish this year.

WORLD...are you listening? Cause here goes!

First...Iwanna be active again and do fun things and make new friends. So I've been thinking about taking a dance class. I would love to take ballroom dancing, but even a Zumba class would be ok.

I used to love to go dancing on Friday's after work. It was a great way to end the week and start the weekend. Most of the dancing we did was Latin dancing, cha-cha's, ranchera's, cumbia's; but we also loved to line dance.

It's great exercise and a great way to meet people and make friends but in the shape I'm in right now heading to the clubs to dance with strangers and make new friends is just not something I feel ready for ... Yet!

Second... Iwanna take either a cooking class, baking class or cake decorating class.

I've always wanted to learn to professionally decorate cakes. Just for fun...I don't want to become a baker or anything, I just want to accomplish this.

Who knows...I could be the next Cake Boss. Maybe the Cake Boss of Bakersfield? Hmmm, that's a great title for a new TV show, don't you think?

Third...Iwanna try to take a Wine Tasting Class.

I'm not a big wine drinker but I think that's because I don't know a lot about wines and what wines go with what foods.

We are so close to so many wineries here in Kern County. I know that there are classes offered where as a final exam you get to ride in a limo to different wineries and samples wines!

Doesn't that sound like a great final exam and one that I should be able to ace with no problem?

But mostly what Iwanna is to put aches, pains and illness behind me in 2011 and just find health and happiness again. It's what Iwanna for YOU and what Iwanna for ME as well. We deserve it!

Happy 2011 and may all your Iwanna Wishes come true!


  1. YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you! :)

    I love your Iwanna list...I'm all for the dancing classes!

  2. I bet you'd make a great cake decorator, your house is so pretty :)

  3. I'm for dancing courses. It's a delight to dance , and besides, it helps shaping the figure.

    Dancing is an activity that suits you perfectly ,Alicia, as you seem to be a warm, exuberant, lively woman.

    May The New Year 2011 bring you great Happiness and Prosperity!


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