Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guilt Trips - Why?

"The Guilty think all talk is of themselves"
Geoffrey Chaucer, English Poet

Truer words were never uttered!

The other day on my way to get that Baskin-Robbins Pecans & Pralines Ice Cream I told you guys about here on my lunch hour, I was waiting my turn patiently at a red light when all of a sudden someone honked. I have no idea what direction the honking came from, but I knew, I just knew it was directed at me and that I was doing something wrong!

But what? I immediately checked the light again to make sure it truly was red and I wasn't just sitting there daydreaming of ice cream while the light had turned green...but no, it was red. I quickly ran through the motions of what I did before I got in the car; did I put my purse on the roof, did I get in the wrong car, was there a dead animal attached to my rear bumper that I had accidentally hit as I was backing out? What! What did I do, why were they honking at me?

Turns out they weren't honking at me at all. They were honking at the Dancing Cowboy who stands at the corner of California Avenue and Stockdale Highway with a Little Caesars sign who has become a celebrity of sorts here in Bakersfield (yeah I know, but since Buck Owens passed away we're pretty hard pressed to find celebrities here). Although we can claim a professional football player, Joey Porter. I have no idea who he plays for but I know there's a fund raiser in his backyard this weekend.

This guy has been doing this job every single week day (I don't know if he does weekend cause I'm never in the big city on weekends) for as long as I can remember, at least two years. Sometimes it's 102 degrees out there and he's always wearing that black cowboy hat. People honk at him and he becomes even more animated. He's pretty amazing and I certainly hope Little Caesars is making it worth his while to stand out there and entertain their customers.

But anyway...this time the honking was not all about me; it usually isn't as I'm an awesome driver and never almost never distracted. But what is it about a honking horn that makes me all paranoid and certain that I am doing something wrong. Does that happen to you? Is there some other thing that happens randomly that makes you panic like that? Do Tell...


  1. That is so cool. And yes, when people stop talking when you walk up to them, I always think they must have been talking about me.....but that could just be my vanity:O)

  2. Cowboy dancer has moves and a lot of energy!

    Just so you know - - - Joey Porter was drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers, then played for the Miami Dolphins and is now an Arizona Cardinal.

  3. Braley Mama - Ha! I always think that too. But it's because they really are!!!

  4. Keetha Denise Broyles - Cowboy dancer rocks! Thanks for the update on Joey Porter. I'll try to remember that. Count on you to keep me straight on things!

  5. You are too funny, sweetie. WHY would they beep at YOU? You're such a lovely person! But yeah...whenever I hear a beep, I find myself double-checking....but it's never MY fault.
    We're both PERFECT.


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