Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Report - The Host

A person would have to have been living in a cave in the Arizona desert without TV, radio, cell phones, newspapers, magazines, internet, twitter, facebook, ham radios and any other type of not have heard about the author Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Book Series.

These books were written for a younger audience, but I gotta tell you; I loved them. They were what got me through my Week of Captivity back in February of 2009 when I had to stay home for a whole week due to the I-131 Ablation Radioactive Iodine Treatment I had to take because of my Thyroid Cancer, you can read about that here.

I got so engrossed in the story of Bella and Edward that I couldn't put the books down. Even though Bella drove me crazy with all her immaturity. Imagine...she wants Edward to turn her into a Vampire, so that forever she will be one of the living dead and she can remain with him forever, never aging, never seeing her family or friends again; but she can't marry him! Marriage is too big a commitment! Um, What?

But my book report is not on the Twilight Series because by now I'm sure you've all seen the movies, at least the first three. Today my book report is on another book written by author Stephenie Meyer. This is the first book she's written for adults. The book is The Host.

As with the Twilight series my daughter April had to literally BEG me to read this book! I told her I didn't like alien books as that is what the title clearly implies, right? She told me I would love this one; and I did! I loved it so much that currently I'm re-reading it after BEGGING my sister Lisa to read it (she loved it too).

The Host is a book about Aliens, but it's also a book about so much more. There's really a lesson in humanity, family and love in this book.

The main characters of the book are Wanda and Melanie, two women sharing the same body! Wanda is the alien who comes from a race of aliens known as Souls. Her true name is Wanderer, a name given to her because this is not the first planet she has ever lived on. In her true self form she is a beautiful silver, Soul who will be implanted into the live body of a human being, the host body. Melanie is the human host.

When the Souls first come to Earth, they are implanted into human beings by a small incision made in the back of the neck. The souls then take over the mind of said human, leaving their body intact. In the beginning the Humans don't even realize that they are being invaded. Their neighbor across the street acts the same, looks the same, goes to work everyday, just like normal. The only way to tell that a Human has been implanted with a Soul is their eyes. Their eyes become reflective when light shines on them.

By the time Humans figure out what is happening most of them have been invaded by Souls. Putting aside the fact that Souls invade a live Human body and take over the mind; they are really a wonderful species. Souls just do what is right and proper. Once Souls take over the Earth there is no more crime and murder. Souls hate violence and would never think of harming anyone or anything.

Souls know that they have to do their part in this world to make it prosper. Everyone does their share of the work and they all take turns doing the unpleasant jobs in the world. Since everyone works equally hard there is no need to work for paychecks anymore; you work because it's the fair thing to do. To be productive for all human kind. Since there are no paychecks, there is no need to pay for items in stores, you just go in and you only take what you need, no money changes hands. A soul would never think to take more just out of greed; because there is no more greed!

Once the soul takes over the mind the human, memories, thoughts and feelings are for the most part wiped out of that body. But when Wanderer takes over the body of Melanie she finds that Melanie doesn't just disappear quickly into that dark night. Melanie is a fighter and she's been fighting the take over of her body and the body of her little brother Jamie as well as the body of the love of her life, Jared.

Melanie makes life difficult for Wanderer so that she doesn't think as completely as a Soul does, she questions things, or rather Melanie makes her questions things. Melanie also keeps replaying her memories of Jamie and Jared in Wanderers mind. Wanderer finds herself having feelings for Jamie and Jared as well as for Melanie.

They take off on an adventure to locate a secret hiding place that Melanie's Uncle Jeb had told Melanie of in the Arizona Desert. The whole story takes place in an area that I am quite familiar with as I was born not 20 miles from Picacho Peak where the adventure begins; so it was exciting for me to be able to picture the area in my mind.

I don't want to give away the story in case anyone wants to read it, but I do want to say that I highly recommend the book...even if you don't like stories about aliens.

The book is soon to be turned into a movie and I can't wait to see that one! If you have read or do read this book, please let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.


  1. I went back to read older posts about your surgery. Well Alicia, You're a real toghie! You have an incredible family, and your way of describing things is just amazing.
    As for the recommended book 'The Host' it sounds fascinating and worth reading.


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