Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Iwanna Book Nook!

Over the weekend I spent some time adding some of the books I've read in 2010 to my list over there in the side bar. I'm at sixteen books read already in 2010! I would be further along but I'm re-reading The Host because I just loved it so much. But I'll do a book report later in the week to share that book with you.

Also over the weekend my mom and I made a visit to our favorite bookstore. This is the most amazing store! Aisles and aisles of books, hardbound, paperback, books on tape and CD. And get this, any hardbound book, only 90cents! Paperbacks, only 80cents! I know...unheard of huh? See this isn't just any bookstore, this is the Goodwill Bookstore. We have lots of Goodwill Stores in Bakersfield, but this one is strictly for books with a few little knick-knacks just to keep those that don't read interested when they come in with  their literate loved one. I love this place and am so grateful it is here because as much as I and members of my family love to read we would spend our childrens inheritance buying books! (Just kidding April and James, there is no money, no inheritance, twas just a joke; an lol if you will.)

But I bet you're wondering what books and Goodwill and my sidebar over there have to do with Iwanna Wednesday. How am I ever going to tie it all together? Never fear! I have it all organized and plotted out in my head. I just hope my fingers cooperate.

What does a book lover need, nay wanna? I'm a book lover, what do Iwanna? (Haha, get that play on words there?) Iwanna book nook, or book alcove, reading room, library. However you wanna term it Iwanna one. I'm hoping one day my son will move out and I can turn his room into a Book Nook.

Iwanna Book Nook that's cozy and well lit with lots of sunshine streaming in the windows. I'd love to have shelves all around so I would have lots of little nooks to put my favorites books. A lovely, cozy, comfy chair is a must. So as I am wont to do I let my fingers do the walking and found some pretty incredible Book Nooks to share and to keep here on my blog to refer back to the minute my little boy heads out into the real world with a loving farewell from his beloved mother..."Don't let the front door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!" Amen!

So here's the first one Iwanna share with ya'll. I love this one. So clean and simple. Not a lot of distracting objects and colors to take your mind away from your book. As I get older I get Adult Onset ADD. (I don't think it really exists yet, I may have invented it.) With Adult Onset ADD or AOADD I find myself distracted by the least little thing, so this room would be perfect. That chair looks so comfy and I love the little throw to keep my legs and feet warm (even though at this moment it is a brisk 96 degrees outside) brrr!

The only thing I would change are the little pops of color. Those would have to be green, not blue; as green is my fav color. Heck, Iwanna this first room so much I'm almost tempted to stop here and start measuring the room for curtains! But no...my fingers already did the walking so I'll let'em do the talking as well. Let's see another room.

I actually chose this one first because the yellow just makes the space so cheerful, and I love the windows. But I know that eventually I would become distracted by all the exciting things going on outside the window and lose interest in my book. So even though Iwanna'd this one first, feel free to keep it for yourself if Uwanna!

This one caught my eye right away. Can you tell why? If you said, "Cause it's Green Alicia" you would be correct! I just love this chair and ottoman. I've always wanted an ottoman and now with the AOADD and Sciatica (meaning I'm getting older), an ottoman would be so comforting in my book nook! If nothing else I would love the little green throw in this room in the first room I showed you above. Perfect Green color!

But there are just so many choices! Like this one. I love that the windows are higher up and love the shutters! I can't tell from the angle of the picture if this is just an over stuffed armchair or an over stuffed lounge chair. Either way I see plenty of room for my over stuffed tushie and my skinny little legs!

Here's another one whose very simplicity makes it stunning! And this one might be totally do'able now in my bedroom if I just get a full-sized bed instead of my queen-size bed! That way the boy wouldn't have to be homeless just so his momma could have a book nook!

I really adore this room. Mostly cuz Iwanna French Doors so bad! I've always wanted a bedroom that had french doors leading out into my English Rose Garden! And my sons bedroom is in the back and it would be ever so easy to just have French Doors put in! Iwanna this room!

At least I thought Iwanna'd that room until I saw this one! This is it. This is THE ONE! This is perfection and has everything Iwanna and everything Ineeda! I love, love, love the shelves. So much room for all my lovely books! I love the French Doors and you know what? They don't even have to lead outside, I think they would be just lovely leading into the hallway and they would open up the end of the hall so much and let in so much light!

I'm not too thrilled with the chairs though, but there are lots of other cozy chairs in the pictures above to inspire me. Yes...Iwanna Book Nook, don't you? Which is your fav? Do you suffer from AOADD? Have you ever bug-bombed a loved one? (That's for you Kathryn!)

The great thing about being nicknamed Iwanna and having my very own Iwanna Wednesday is that even though I can't possibly afford any of these rooms right now, nothing says I can't Iwanna them. Plus the boy just came in and I said "Look what I'm gonna do to your room someday" and he looked and said "I'm never leaving" and walked off down the hall into my BOOK NOOK!!!

Happy Iwanna Wednesday! May all your Iwanna Wishes come true!


  1. These look like great book nooks, and also great nap nooks:O)

  2. Alicia, I loved your post today. The photos of the nooks are lovely and a great place to start planning for a nook of your own. I really like your blog. Your personality shines through each post. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Oh, I'm hankering for the very first one. Even before I saw the photo...just reading your description, I was picturing the billowing sheer white curtains....sigh. Give me the smell/sound of the ocean outside that window and I'd be in HEAVEN!

    YES. I definitely struggle from AOADD (I think you should definitely get credit if this shows up in the future). Only my case is worse 'cause I think I inhaled some of the fumes from that last bug bomb. (Sniffs....I don't know what she's talking about!)


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