Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 hours of ENERGY for $2.48?

Yesterday my sister Lisa and I went to check out the newest Super Wal-mart in our fair city. Neither one of us had ever been there and it's probably been open close to a year now.

It's kind of hard getting used to a new Wal-mart because you don't know where anything is, so we had to do a lot of walking and backtracking to find the things on our shopping lists.

We definitely got our exercise yesterday, wandering all over a huge store lost. Back and forth trying to find pool chemicals and Hair Spray. When we finally made it to the cash register we were pooped! We noticed in the impulse displays a product called 5 Hour Energy Shots for $2.48 each and they had a new Pomegranate flavor. Neither one of us had ever tried the product so we kinda talked each other into trying it.

We popped those puppies open right there and sucked them down, before even paying for them. They tasted pretty good. A bit tart, but not that bad. We instantly decided they would be pretty good with some Vodka, sorta like a 5 hour energy Pomegranate Martini! Then we paid for the empty little bottles. I make sure to mention this so you don't think we drank them and them put them back in the box!

I don't know if it was all in my head, but by the time I finished paying and loading bags into my basket and heading out to my car I noticed that my eyes weren't tired anymore. That was the first thing I notice because I felt sleepy prior to drinking the shot. You know how your eyes kinda burn? Well they didn't anymore.

I've also notice that I wasn't tired all day. I wasn't exactly running around my house brimming with energy and cleaning and all. But I was a bit more alert and didn't even need my Saturday afternoon nap!

Would I drink one of these everyday? Hmmmm, well maybe....if they weren't $2.48 each! If they had maybe given me MORE energy instead of just not making me as tired as usual. But it was kind of interesting to try a product like that and see if it really worked. Have you guys ever tried them? Would you try them?


  1. I wanna know how you felt when you came back to "normal?" LOL Is it pure caffeine? I don't think I'd ever use one unless I was driving and needed to stay awake. :-)
    I know the college kids like to drink Red Bull with vodka....

  2. Thanks for the review, I was wondering if those made people shaky??/:O)
    Have a good week mama!!!!

  3. Alicia, I've never tried any of those drinks before. I drink iced tea all day long from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed. I rarely even have a water in between.

    I'd try the energy drink if I didn't have my tea with me and If I was really thirsty and tired. I love pomegranate flavor.

  4. Hey sis. My review is that I definately liked the little drink, I came home and mopped! Did laundry! cleaned both bathrooms! I normal do all this stuff anyway....But I usually have to sit between each. Not with the Mircle Elixar!!! I did not feel jittery or have acrash afterwards. Wish we had one on Sunday when we tackled the back Alley

  5. Sue - Actually there was no feeling of returning to normal. It just felt like I had a good nights sleep. It was weird cause I wasn't jittery or nervous and there was no crash at the end.

  6. Braley Mama - Hey Summur! That's what I aim to do in life, take the plunge for But as busy as you are, you don't need anything to get your energy level up!

  7. ~JarieLyn~ Yep, with all that ice tea your definitely getting your caffeine! Maybe you can mix the pomegranate flavor with the tea?

  8. Lisa - Hey ma sista! Yeah, you definitely need all that energy keeping up with all those man-boys in your home. Maybe next weekend you can drink two and come clean my house too!

  9. I think I would first read the ingredients on the label and learn which one of them is there to energyze.
    It might be more than just caffeine (which is familiar to all of us), and it's a good idea to identify the stuff before we start drinking quantities of it.

  10. Well, I've always wanted to try them. (I wasn't kidding when I said I have a 4-pack of Red Bull in the back of my fridge that I keep forgetting about. I'll get it's expired by now.)

    I'm up for anything that'll give me more energy. Maybe I'll try it once and see...

  11. DUTA - Funny you should mention we should read the ingredients. We tried, but we both wear glasses & we both still have a hard time reading really tiny writing like on the I checked online though & there is caffeine comparable to one cup of coffee.

  12. kathryn - You should try it, as long as caffeine doesn't bother you. I wouldn't make it a habit, but it might be nice to have that little boost of energy if you have a busy day ahead of you!


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