Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

I'm heading out of town for the weekend and I'm so excited because I'm going to be visiting that lovely little precious puppy in the picture!

That's Chorizo (I call her Precious), my daughter's little puppy that she got at Thanksgiving.

I haven't seen her since Christmas and I can't wait. I miss her so much. I'm also going to be visiting my daughter and I can't wait for that as well! gets even better! My mom and my sister are going with me and we always have a great time when we all get together.

It should be a great weekend. The only problem might be the weather. We get a lot of Tule Fog in this area. It usually goes all the way up to where my daughter lives in Northern California. So I hope the fog stays away until we get there. We're leaving tonight hoping to avoid it as its usually at it's worst in the early morning!

Great weekend to everyone!


  1. Have a safe & fun girls' trip...please let your daughter know that I would be willing to babysit or doggie sat for Chorizo!!! BTW...I was born in Turlock, but don't remember much of the place!

  2. It was not too bad today up here.Have a safe trip.
    I made "Chorizo:)" and potato fritatas tonight:)

  3. It's a family affair, it's a family affair.... Do you remember that song? It just popped into my head. Have a wonderful time.

  4. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, sweetie! Be happy....have FUN!!

  5. Hello Alicia,

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my mom and dad. I read your post about biscuits and gravy and I had to chuckle because this past Sunday I made some for my dad. I brought it to the hospital so he and my youngest could have brunch together.

    I hope you have (had) a fabulous weekend getaway!

    ~ Tracy


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