Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday -

Ok, so by now everyone is well aware that I went to visit my daughter the weekend before the one that just passed. She has her own apartment now and I was expecting to see a BIG MESS with lots of boxes and eating out of paper plates and cups. I guess I expected it to look like her bedroom when she lived at home! But she's done a great job in setting everything up and making everything comfy and cozy for herself.

One thing I really loved was in her kitchen. Even my mom loved it cause she picked it up and brought it to me on the couch to show me. It was a kitchen timer that looked like this pear here.

Isn't that so cute? And the picture doesn't even show the true green color of the pear. I have a plain old ugly white plastic timer that I have had for about 12 years, so I probably won't ever get rid of it because it has a lot of sentimental value (I get sentimental over almost anything ).

But since it's Iwanna Wednesday I figure I can show you some of the ones that Iwanna if I could bear to part with the one I have :-)

Now in case I have any new readers, which I'm sure I won't have because I haven't had any new ones in a while :-( let me explain about Iwanna Wednesday. Bear with me those of you that already know what Iwanna Wednesday is about.

I love shopping! Whether it's window shopping, online shopping, actually plopping down some cash shopping...I LOVE SHOPPING. Shopping comes easy to me cause I find joy in almost anything. I can go into any store or restaurant or even someone's home and say, "Oh, I want one of those!" I do that so often that my sister started calling me "Iwanna", cause Iwanna everything.

That's where blogging really helps, because I can Iwanna random objects and blog about them and show you pictures and usually you all respond back with Iwanna items and ideas of your own...which makes it even more fun.

So let me show you the kitchen timers Iwanna this Wednesday.

This one is kind of cute. I like the way you set it with the little tabs at the top that look a little bit like Mickey Mouse ears. Plus the numbers are nice and big so that we visually challenged individuals can see them!

And speaking of Mickey Mouse's a Mickey Mouse timer. Awwww, isn't this cute?

Iwanna one of these. I was just at Disneyland recently, why didn't I buy one! Why, why, why!


And here's one fit for Princess Iwanna, the only thing is Iwanna one in pink, not blue. But still the blue is pretty. I love the different color blue balls on the tip of the crown.

I bet we all Iwanna this one. Have you ever seen anything so darn cute? I love the little mouse staring in at all that yummy cheese!

I don't know, I might be willing to lose all sentimentality for my ugly plastic white one if I could have this one!

And how about this one? Do you know someone that would love this one? I've never seen one like this. You pull up the measuring tape to set the timer!

Hungry? I know I would be if I had these next two sitting on my stove all the time.  

This hamburger one is unique isn't it?


And for dessert? Iwanna one of these yummy cupcakes with sprinkles and a cherry!

Iwanna any one of the above, but I guess for now I'll stick with my big, white plastic one. It does have sentimental value. You know how many times I've set it to time frozen pizzas? Baked chicken? Cupcakes? Set it to time the 25 minutes necessary to dye my hair? Yep, for now what I wanna is the one I have. 

What kind of kitchen timer do you have? What's the most interesting thing you time with it?


  1. Does the microwave count?:) My son would LOVE if we had the Mickey one....

  2. I wanna the little mousie one!!!
    I had an apple timer that I used in my classroom all the time. I wonder what happened to it?!

  3. You always find the cutest things! I love the cupcake one. I have one that is metal, and made to look old fashioned. I got it for my wedding and I love it,,,,,although some times it falls apart, but that is besides the point:)

  4. Those are too cute. Since I lost my ability to smell, I have timers all over the place. These are too cute.

  5. Mama Thompson - Ha! How funny, my son loved the Mickey Mouse one the best also. I guess we're always kids at hear. Well you son might be a kid, mine is 23 :-)

  6. Lynn - The mousie one is my favorite too. I hope you find your Apple one!

  7. Braley Mama - Thanks Summur, it's cause I'm a born And an Iwanna. I see your sentimental like I am.

  8. Jeanette - You should do a post about your timers since you have several, are they all the same?

  9. Hahaha! Who would have believed (before seeing this) that a post on egg timers could be so fun?! Great sleuthing!

  10. I like the mouse on the cheese best. I had a built in timer on my stove which went out about two months ago. They don't sell the part for this particular model either so I am at a complete loss. I kept thinking that I had a plain white plastic timer around somewhere. (I know I've seen it. Or did I just imagine it?) Hmm. Well anyway, I was looking through my kitchen drawer for a recipe when I found this silver ugly thing that turned out to be a timer. I think I got it at a wedding or something. It looks like there is a piece missing from the base which probably made it a decorate piece, but now at least I have a timer and it feels good to hear it go ding when my time is up.

    Your posts on the Iwanna Wednesdays are always so much fun. The way you make objects come to life is just so delightful.

  11. Stine in Ontario - Awwww, thanks Stine. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it's the simple things that make me happiest. Like a simple egg timer or a great photo of a hawk like I've seen on your blog!

  12. ~JarieLyn~
    I'm so glad you like my Iwanna posts! I'm glad you found your My oven timer on my stove doesn't work either.

    Thanks as always for being so kind in your comments, they always make me walk a little taller the rest of the day :-)


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