Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mosaic Monday - Things Treasured

Many people have questioned my passion for collecting trinkets,
baubles, curios and doodads.
Junk, jewelry, novelties and whatnot's.
Many people have scoffed at the idea of traipsing
through someones home at an estate sale,
or spend a Saturday touring thrift stores.
They wonder how it could possibly bring me pleasure
to go through someones things.

"Doesn't it make you sad?" they ask.
"To rifle, go through, grab, pillage and plunder
someones possessions?
Someone who is now dead and gone?
Someone you never knew?"

My theory is a simple one.
The joy, pleasure and sheer ecstasy I feel when I find a treasure;
I know that someone else upon my death will find that same
joy, pleasure and sheer ecstasy in rifling, pillaging and plundering
through my treasures.
That's it...simple enough.

And someday, when someone goes through my things, perhaps,
perchance; it will be a kindred spirit of mine.
Someone who also will consider my death not as an end
but as an beginning to inherit and cherish the items
I collected

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  1. I love this post, and the mosaic to go with it. Is this the post you mentioned that you were wanting to write? I understand what you are saying completely!

  2. Great philosophy. When I go my son will hold the Mother of all estate sales for sure!
    Lovely mosaic!

  3. Alicia-I ambled over from Kathleen's. I always feel as if I am "rescuing" something that someone once loved. I feel as if I am giving it a new home! Discarded family pictures do make me sad :(

  4. This is so touching. I think the same thing as I am buying things, even if they aren't from a deceased's home. I am purchasing something that gives me joy or someone else joy. I hope when I pass that someone will find something in my collections that speaks to them as it did me.

    Thanks you for the wonderful comment, things were hectic, now trying to get back into a routine.


  5. Alicia,
    Me and my husband love to go to garage sales and estate sales. At first it made me sad but then I realized like you they would want someone to treasure their things like they did. your mosiac is so pretty of the beautiful things you've found.

  6. Alicia, I love your introductory paragraph. It sounds like a lovely poem. Your mosaic is very nice. I love your trinkets and what nots. that hummingbird is beautiful and I really like the framed butterfly.

  7. What a lovely post.

    I am always so impressed with your insight and often times lovely comments you leave everyone.

    If you have a moment would love you to stop by and give me your thoughts...

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  8. Lovley post and trinkets. I love the hummingbird and butterfly. how pretty. Beautiful mosaic.

  9. I feel exactly the same way. I hope that when I am gone someone will treasure what I have treasured. Your blog is wonderful. I am taking your button.


  10. Hi Alicia! Oh, I stand in agreement with you about our collecting! If these things were treasured once we can treasure them again! Your mosaics are so lovely.
    Oh, you make me feel so humble and I truly appreciate all your kind words to me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Hee, hee! I love collecting treasures, too. I've already apologized to my children for what they are going to have to sell or get rid of when I die :0)

  12. aww such a lovely post and mosaic! thanks much for sharing these wonderful thoughts to us :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  13. Beautiful, and your loved ones will have something to remind them of you!

  14. I love treasure hunts too! Lovely mosaic.

  15. I'm a thrift store maven myself, everything looks so sweet!

  16. podso - Thanks and yes, this is the post that you inspired. I knew you would get it! We're kindred spirits.

    Kathleen - I tell my kids the same thing. Thanks for stopping by.

    susan - Welcome and thanks Kathleen for leading people this way :-) I love that term...rescuing. I totally agree with you on the discarded family pictures, those are sad.

    Audra - Thanks for stopping my in between all that you have going on. I've seen some of your joyous objects on your blog and I know someday someone will cherish them as you do.

    vickie - How lucky for you that you have a husband who likes to join you, it's always more fun with someone else. My mom is my thrifting buddy.

    JarieLyn - I love that Hummingbird as well. So does my baby brother. Thanks for your kind words and compliment on the writing.

    Claudia@DipityRoad - Awww, thanks so much. I would love to stop by. See you in a bit, I have a few more people to thank for stopping by.

    eileeninmd - That little hummingbirds is pretty popular. He was quite the find.

    Carol at Serendipity - Thanks for grabbing my button. I so appreciate it and I'm sure that when you're gone a kindred spirit will love what you have treasured.

    Sheila - Thanks for stopping by. And I so agree about treasures being treasured again. You see some many gorgeous vintage items that were made years ago and they are still thrilling people today. I would rather find a lovely vintage linen tablecloth than to just walk in and buy a brand new one!

    ellen b - Lol, our poor kids. Neither of my kids has really inherited by love for treasure hunting, which is good cause I'm just going to leave them mine.

    Marsha's Mpressions - Thank you. I love that header as well. Today I set it as the background at work and everyone said it made them hungry :-)

    Marice - You are so welcome, thank you for liking and understanding my rambling. I will definitely stop by and visit. Take care.

    Thoughfully blended hearts - Thank you, Mosaics are so much fun!

    summur braley - That's true, I'm making and leaving so many memories for everyone.

    Carolyn - Thank you...they are treasure hunts too aren't they?

    Paula - Thrift stores are the best! I like that term, Thrift Store Maven...wouldn't that make a cute blog name?

  17. Hi Alicia, Stopping by for the first time to say how beautiful your mosaic is. The colorful hummingbird is perfect in the center!

    Thanks for visiting my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, ldh

  18. I always wonder who treasured an item before me, especially antiques. Nice mosaic!

  19. LDH - Thank you for reciprocating. I do so love that hummingbird myself.

  20. Carol - Thanks for stopping by. Antiques especially make you wonder about who owned these lovely pieces before.

  21. Oh my sis, while I do not share your passion for STUFF!!!! I do enjoy going over every Saturday and having you pull out all the new things you found. I also enjoy giving you a hard time about all the stuff. So even though I am not a stuff hound I do enjoy you sharing with me.

  22. I think that's a wonderful philosophy. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely finds at MM. :)


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