Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday - Butterfly Rings

Welcome to Iwanna Wednesday! The day I get to be me and show you things that I want, which is why I'm nicknamed Iwanna!

You know how I tell you that my sister and I have a weekly thing of sharing Friday Nights. We go out to dinner and then try to do something fun.

Last friday we went to a favorite place to eat, Carrows Restaurant. I know, I know...Carrows? Well you see, they have this Asian Chicken Salad that is the best salad ever! We could eat that salad three times a day for the rest of our lives and never need anything else...well maybe some pie or ice cream, but other than that...just the salad! Delicious! Iwanna eat this salad again this Friday!

After dinner we decided to go to the Mall (Valley Plaza, sound familiar JarieLyn?) We started out at JC Penneys where my sister Lisa bought a blouse and I think some shoes and bought me some socks. Then we headed over to Macy's so she could take a look at the MAC Makeup.

While she was looking at MAC I strolled over to the jewelry section and was just kind of looking around until my sister came up and we both instantly saw this ring.

And we both instantly picked one up to try on it we both instantly got it stuck on our fingers! Honest we did! Luckily we were able to get them off but it was a struggle. Iwanna this ring, but unfortunately it's not real gold and I have a problem wearing anything that isn't either 14 carat gold or nickel free. Sucks to be me! I know.

So today I was shopping online to find that ring which is made by Guess and I came across these other beautiful butterfly rings that Iwanna, cause I do so love butterflies!

Iwanna this one! It's so pretty and guess what? It's made out of acrylic, so I could totally wear this one!

Iwanna this one so much as well. It's so delicate looking and I love the coloring. This one is copper. Not sure what my skin would do with copper, but it might be worth the rash just to wear something so gorgeous!

I loved this one because I love anything with green on it! And being silver it wouldn't give me a rash quite as quick, but I still would get one eventually :-( But still...Iwanna it!
And here's the perfect one for me...it's made out of felt. No nickel, no rash. Cute isn't it? And it comes in a rainbow of colors. Iwanna one in each color please.

So what about you? Do you like jewelry? Wishing for anything special for Christmas? Iwanna hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Hi Alicia, these Iwanna Wednesdays really are one of my favorite posts and I was so tickled when I read my name in your post. I was not expecting that. Ah, the valley plaza. Lots of memories in that place.

    That silver and green ring is gorgeous.

    I was at an antique store the other day and there were lots of necklaces that Iwanna. I used to be a big bracelet person, but now I lean towards necklaces more. I like chokers and shorter necklaces best. I don't really like dainty chains because it's too hard to fasten the clasp. I like thick and bold....you know, so I can make a statement.

    Can't wait to see what you Iwanna next week.

  2. Really interesting pieces. We have a butterfly habitat here and when the butterflys fly in they are amazing. People come for hours to watch them.


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