Friday, August 18, 2017

Being Chaotically Creative with a Credit Card and Still Staying On Budget!!!

Want to know my secret for using a credit card and not getting into debt? How to use a credit card and still stay within budget? How to use a credit card and not have it affect your credit score? Well stick around because I am about to share my secret with you! The secret to my financial success. Here it is, are you ready for it?

Do you see it? Do you see the secret to my success in staying debt free by using a credit card? That's right! Don't use the credit card to make purchases, use it to paint! 

Righto...that Mixed Media Journal Page above was painted using only a credit card. No brushes, sprays, sponges or salad spinners!!! Just a credit card.

I know, I tricked you! And even now I am tricking you because I didn't use an actual credit card, I used a gift card that no longer had any cash on it. 

Started with a blank multi media page and dotted some paint on it in purple, pink and white and used the credit card like a palette knife and spread the paint around. Not evenly, let some white show, blended the colors, just had fun with it!

Let it dry and then used the credit card to make lines, slashes, rectangles and squares. The only time I did not use a credit card was when I used scissors to cut out the shape of the feathers and I used a small bamboo skewer to glue the feather shapes together. I then painted the feathers, again using the credit card and used scissors to cut the fringed feathery parts. A bit of glue to attach them to the page and then added my page title: CREATIVE

The purpose in doing this? Just to show that you don't need a bunch of fancy art supplies to create beautiful art. This was just simple craft paints which you can purchase at Walmart for 59 cents a bottle and imagination...oh and scissors!

These are great exercises in learning to let go of fear of messing up, or being too precise or too (as I am) obsessive about things having to be perfect. I do plan to get back into my acrylic painting, as soon as the weather cooperates and it gets below 90 degrees, currently as I type this it is 99 degrees. I can't wait for fall already!!!

There are so many other ways to be creative and artistic without spending a lot of money on supplies. One of my favorites that I've seen online is an artist that uses fruits and vegetables to create dresses on the models that he first hand sketches. He also uses other household items. Here's a YouTube video of his art that I hope you will watch and enjoy.

So that's it for now, hope you enjoyed my credit card art and remember the best way to stay out of credit card debt is to use it for art!



  1. Very cute piece of art!!
    Your creative manipulation of that gift credit card shows us, in fact, that we can do a lot of things with very little money/material/tools/even effort.
    I, myself, have no artistic inclinations,butI always try to find ways to help myself when facing problems, without having to depend on others or spending much money.

  2. Being able to enjoy what you love to do without having to go into the poorhouse to do it is always great. There are lots of super expensive paints out there that I would love to have but it's just not in the budget yet and I figure I'm still learning, still very much a beginner so it's better for me to use student paints or craft paints. And there are lots of other ways to use those credit cards to paint. Thank you DUTA for your commenting, always a pleasure :)

  3. I watched the video and, although I quite liked what I saw, would never recommend a dress made from grapes.

    1. I think a dress made of grapes would eventually get pretty sticky and smelly. Better to eat them :)

  4. Well aren't you clever! Beautiful work too and I definitely enjoyed the video!

  5. Excellent post, Alicia. I didn't see that one coming. Not that I'm particularly brighr and all haha. You reckon my financial fitness would improve if I painted my bills that way? :)


    1. I just re-read the beginning and it sounds like a late night infomercial, which is just what I was going for!

      Wouldn't it be nice if we all could just paint our debt away :)


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