Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Body (and my Mother) tried to Kill Me Last Night!

Ok, someone smack me! The other day I was remarking to my mom about how much I loved the homemade taquitos she used to make for us kids when we were all living at home with her. (Now she lives with me.) 

So I come home last night and I can smell them from the driveway! I walk in and there is my poor mom making deep fried, shredded beef taquitos with all the fixings. I almost turned and ran away from home (I should have).

But I couldn't hurt my mommy's feelings right? Plus she said that it was a lot harder for her to make them now that she is older and that she would never be making them again! She's saying this as hot oil is sputtering and hitting her on the arm. How could I not eat them?

So I served myself two of them and ate them and they were delicious! Crunchy and salty and just perfect! So I thought "well, mom is never going to make them what would it hurt if I ate one more?" So I ate one more. Then I quit...until about 8pm when I remembered that her taquitos were best eaten cold, so I ate one more!!

Around 1:15am I woke up feeling a little bit of heart burn. I have not had any heart burn or stomach problems since I started eating Atkins/lowcarb in January of this year. I tossed and turned and finally decided to get up and dissolve one Alka-Seltzer tablet as that usually did the trick before Atkins.

I did that and drank it down and sat around reading and waiting for the Alka-Seltzer to make me burp to relieve the heartburn. Finally it did and I went to bed, only to realize now my tummy was upset. I barely made it to the bathroom when I felt I was going to throw up...and boy howdy did I! I had not thrown up like that in years. Grossed out yet?

Well I brushed my teeth and went to bed when all of a sudden I felt another problem with my tummy and raced to the bathroom...and sure enough diarrhea! I know, I know...too much information right? The only reason I am posting this is because I was out of my mind to eat what I ate! I know my mom meant well but I knew better.

Why did I sabotage myself? Why did I justify and rationalize to myself that it was ok to eat 4 greasy, carb-ridden taquitos? Why? Why? Why?

I won't be doing it again, let me tell you. I still feel miserable!


  1. Sorry to hear that you got so ill from your mom's taquitos. They sound delicious, hmmmm but not so great aftermath. Another cruelty of aging, things that we ate in our youth with impunity now reek havoc on us.

    Isn't throwing up just perfectly retched? The last time I had a stomach flu, was first time in almost a decade and I was amazed at what a horrid process it is, and how damned sore it makes you.

    Well at least your mom said she was never going to make them again.

    1. I know! Throwing up is horrible! I haven't thrown up in ages myself. My throat did hurt all day!

      They really were delicious and I guess if this is the last time I am going to eat them I am glad I ate my fill! Sucks to get old :(

  2. Oh boy, that sure sounds painful. As you said, though, if that was the last time to eat that dish, at least you ate your mum's and they were really good!

  3. It was not I feel much better today finally! Thanks for stopping by!


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