Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Martinis anyone? Iwanna Wednesday!

The other day while out on a little shopping excursion I found these pillows and had to take them home with me! And I knew once I did that a friend of mine would love them as well. He's a big lover of the Martini. We will call him The Martini Man or TMM for short. The pillows had some smudges, but the cover is removable and I knew they would come clean in the wash.

I posted them on Facebook and I was right, TMM loved them and wanted to know wherever did I find them? I told TTM that I found them at TJ Maxx but they had been clearance priced at $12.99 each and I didn't know if he would be able to find them at his local TJ Maxx (I don't even know if they have TJ Maxx in Arizona where he lives).

So I let my fingers do the walking and figured I would combine TMM's love of Martinis' and my new pillows and created an Iwanna Wednesday post because the amount of Martini pillows and other paraphernalia out there is astonishing!

This pillow was my favorite! Something about it just speaks to me...lol. I think I love the simplicity. It's price is not simple though, this one was $63.95! You can find it at zazzle.com.

This next one is so cute, but I doubt TMM would like it as he's a guy...but maybe he would like to display it so female friends that come over can gush over it. I know I would! This is another zazzle.com pillow and it can be yours for a mere $105.00!!! Yikes!

Alright! I think I found the perfect one for TMM and even I would like this one! Goes with everything! I gotta be honest with you though, I think I would be 1 Martini, 2 Martini...floor! I wouldn't even need the 3rd one. This one comes from Pillow Buy and is definitely affordable at $12.99!

Here's another one that I love! Just adore the little penguins in the background. Another inexpensive one also from Cafe Press for $19.99.

And once you find the perfect pillows to put on your couch and you are ready to invite your friends over for cocktails you need the perfect Martini Glass right? And TMM would probably love any of these that follow, I know I would. They are fabulous!!

Aren't they fabulous? The third one down is my favorite. It's called "Hookers Delight"...hahaha! There's a gold fishing hook that you hook your olive on. Now that one is truly unique! Oh...and the 5th one is not a real Martini Glass, it's a $50 dollar bill folded into the shape of a Martini Glass and it's only $85. Yep, buy a $50 bill for $85...this guy is a genius!

So that's it. I think that gives TMM much info on where to find the perfect pillow, although honestly I'm thinking I should send him mine as house warming gifts. We'll see if I feel as generous tomorrow.

So happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna Wishes come true!



  1. I love your post and referencing me as THE MARTINI MAN. I love the martini glass pictures. Odd enough it was those type of picturesI found in GQ magazine advertisements that started my fascination with the martini. ;-)

    1. So glad you liked it and forever you will be for me...THE MARTINI MAN! :) My fascination with the martini began with a Cosmo, and not because of Sex and the City, but just because it was such a pretty color and then I tasted it...and OH MY! I was hooked! Thanks for commenting TMM!

  2. LOL! TMM, love it. You always have great Iwanna Wednesdays that I want some Martini's now. I'll have the 1 Martini, 2 Martini...floor! I wouldn't make it to the 3rd one either. Great post my friend.

    1. lol. I can make you a martini that it would be just "one martini-floor"! Thank you Angie!

  3. The prices on the expensive pillows are ridiculous.

    The glasses are cool but if I were to have a martini with the hooker, I would end up sinking that hook in my uvula. I am rather captivated by the next to the last one. I could see falling in love with my glass somewhere between the second and third martini. If Ralphy's father in the Christmas Story won a martini glass as a major award, that would be it.

    1. I know Sextant, I thought they were crazy too. The pillows that I own that are in the first picture are actually online for $179!!! I about fell on the floor! And the sad thing is that they are super easy to make. Maybe I should start an online custom pillow business ha!

      Hahaha, sinking that hood into your uvula. I think you would be safe with the first martini, but year...after the first one you would have to be give another glass before you hurt yourself.

      OH yeah, to go with his hooker lamp! I love that movie! Best part of Christmas TV!


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