Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Iwanna Wednesday - I Need a New Chapeau!

Hey all...another Iwanna Wednesday post! Wow! I'm amazing even myself. I thought I was all done with wanting things but I'm backkkkk! 

So a little update on what an Iwanna Wednesday is. To make a long story short, I want everything I see, whether it's in a store or on someone else or in someones front yard or on TV. My mom and my sister Lisa started noticing that the second I walked into a store I would see something I wanted and I would say, "Oh wow, look! I always wanted one of these!" So they nick-named me Iwanna because I wanna everything!

My Iwanna cravings got so strong that they started involving others. My daughter April bought me many of the things I would post. My sister was constantly looking for things for me to post. Even my cousin Stella, all the way over in San Diego got in on the act and on one of her road trips she found this!

She told me that when she saw it she knew it was meant for me. She mailed it to me letting me know she wasn't sending it to me for the bracelet attached, but for the little cardboard sign which is perfect for me.

So perfect in fact that it's going to be my Iwanna Icon/Banner for my Iwanna Wednesday's! Cute right?

So for a long time I did a post every Wednesday of things that struck my fancy and that I wanted. I did a bazillion (94 to be exact) Iwanna Wednesday posts. I had kind of strayed away from Iwanna Wednesday for a while because of a bunch of things but lately I've been noticing I'm getting that Iwanna bug back.

This weekend I took a little road trip with my sister Lisa and her friend Lupe to the Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival! Doesn't that sound like fun? It was!

Here's a picture of my sister and Lupe and me of course. See anything missing in this photo? No? C'mon...look harder. All right, let me just tell you. If you look, my sister and Lupe are both wearing Chapeaus! Hats! Lids! Headgear! Millinery! Toppers! But not me...nope, no hat for me, which is why I'm sunburned today!

So I was telling my sister that I really want to get a hat for our next trip and she told me big, floppy hats are in! But...um...I don't see her wearing a big floppy hat. Nope, I see her in a cute cowboy-ish kinda hat. So I went shopping online to see if I can find a cool hat!.

I knew kinda what I wanted, which is what I call a Mennonite Straw Hat. We live in a small town that has a pretty big Mennonite community and they all wear these hats, especially when they are out gardening!

Courtesy of Shoebuy.com

Here's another one that caught my eye. I really like this one but I would want to be able to change out the hatband to something more colorful when it suited me.

Courtesy of Shoebuy.com

But I'm thinking Iwanna one like the one my sister and Lupe are wearing, kind of a cowboy-ish kind of hat. So I found this one which I love! 

I love the way it's rolled up like the one my sister had. I love the color of the headband and the ribbon that hangs off the back. Really, really loving this one, but at close to $85...I don't know!

Courtesy of Shoebuy.com

So maybe it's best to look for a floppy hat, since my sister says they are coming back into style. I found a site that had some really cute ones at a reasonable price. This one is $7.90 American Dollars!

Courtesy of AliExpress.com 
So I am seriously going to be searching for a hat. I've never considered myself a hat person but everyone seems to be wearing them! And Iwanna be just like all the cool kids.

Do you wear hats? What kind? What would you recommend?

Hoping all your Iwanna wishes come true!

Wait...wait...wait...hold the presses! I think I have found the perfect hat! My favorite color, green, it's cowboy-ish and Iwanna this one with my whole little pea-picking heart. *sigh* Isn't it dreamy? Sad thing is it's out of stock but I'm entering my email so they can let me know when it's back in stock!

Courtesy Overstock.com 



  1. I wanna Wednesday has been moved to I wanna it Toosday.

    The trouble with hats is that they easily become hideous...and yet even some of the most ridiculous hats can be alluring. There is a reason why I watch the Kentucky Derby for 90 minutes before a two minute race.

    However there are exceptions:


    Of the ones you show #1 is the most practical for working in the garden, but I agree I like the last one best. There is something I don't like about # 3. It speaks of arrogance to me. It looks like something Jane Wyman would have worn to inspect the grapes, firing 2 or 3 people on the way.

    Now here is a hat:


  2. Oh shucks! I wrote this and scheduled it to post on Wednesday morning but obviously I did something wrong! Well it's up now and I have a comment already so it's staying! I like that Iwanna it Toosday...ahahaha! Good one Sextant.

    I know of your hat fetish and how you try to hide it by pretending you are interested in the Derby :)

    Oh yes, I remember those hats the princesses were wearing. They were hideous and yet I wanted one. They even prompted me to do a post about them... Fascinators they are called.

    Love the Lady Diane! I wish we women still wore hats like that. It's beautiful! But a bit much for an Avocado and Margarita festival, don't you think?

    Thanks for stopping by, a pleasure as always. Please feel free to enjoy Iwanna it Toosday :)

  3. Interesting! I guess I had an idea hats were in but I mostly see them when women are in the sun and most often a baseball cap though I've seen the larger ones too, which I like better. I agree with you on the green one! I hope it comes back in stock soon!

  4. Hi podso! Well maybe it's just in areas with a lot of sun? I wish we could wear them all the time and therefore not have to do our hair every morning to go to work :)

    I hope so too, I really love that green one! Thank you for stopping by!


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