Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Low Carb Wrap Up - Week Eleven

Welcome to week eleven! It's been a good week! I've only lost one pound but I had been stuck on the same weight for the past two months, so any loss is a win in my book! Been doing excellent in staying on track and watching carbs. 

I recently joined a group of people that are trying to lose weight. Some are doing Atkins Low Carb - High Fat, some are on Weight Watchers, some on Skinny Fiber, some counting calories, but the point of the group is the support that we are all receiving from each other. The tips and ideas are great too. 

I mentioned how I was stalled and not losing any weight and what I was eating and how frustrated I was and several told me that I was not eating enough fats. I explained that I really don't like fats, yuk! I like lean meats and always remove the fat on my chicken but told them I was willing to try eating more fat. I never thought I would purposely eat more fat, but I did and I did lose 1 pound. I will continue throughout this next week and see what happens. 

My co-worker Angie was nice enough to make a recipe we've been seeing all over the web called "Fat Bombs", see the picture below. These yummies consist of coconut oil, almond butter, liquid Stevia, cocoa powder and melted butter. She found them on the website My Low Carb Road to Better Health - High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carb

Let's see, what else did I eat throughout the week? One thing was a tried and true Cajun Chicken Drumsticks and Broccoli Slaw. I love these and could eat them morning, noon and night! And now I am even eating the skin so it's a good thing that the rub I use on it gives it such great flavor! of the members in the group asked all of us how we "Latinize" our low carb foods. Well my mom cooks for me pretty often and all she needs to do is add jalapeno and tomato and it's Mexican food for me!

Here she takes steak and cuts it into bite size pieces instead of strips and makes her version of steak fajitas. She also makes this wonderful dish that she has made ever since I was a little girl. She takes Anaheim Chile Peppers and roasts them over an open flame, peels the skin off and then stuffs them with Monterey Cheese and microwaves them for a bit to melt the cheese. Kind of a Chile Rellano without the breaded outside. I love them! All I add is a salad. 

Earlier today my sister accompanied me to do my weekly grocery shopping. We were on our way to eat at Applebees and we saw that right across the street there was a Farmers Market going on so we went over to check it out. And it was a good thing we did because we found these yummy baked veggies! 

They had all kinds. In the picture below are Beet Chips and Carrot Chips with Garlic. They had samples and it's a good thing they did or we never would have tried them!

I also bought a bag of Okra Chips, which I didn't take a picture of because earlier today I went to go visit my dad for Father's Day and I took them to him and he was in Okra Heaven! He loved them and in a couple of days I will take him the beet ones and then later the carrot ones. I'm sure he will love these as well. They are baked by a company called The Kloster Company, but I could not find a website for them.

We bought some other goodies at the Farmers Market. One of the items was a Raspberry Pomegranate Vinaigrette so tonight for dinner I made myself a refreshing summer salad of Romaine Lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber, Strawberries and Red Onion and topped it all with the Vinaigrette and some cracked black pepper. It was one of the most delicious salads I've ever had!

And lest you think that I didn't have any fats today, this is what I had for lunch at Applebees!

I asked our server to bring me some butter and he was kind enough to bring me about 1/4 cup of melted butter which I drizzled all over the veggies and on the steak. I ate every bit except for the carrots!

As I's been a great week and I feel fabulous and I know I look much better and my clothes are feeling looser. It is only one pound I've lost on the scale, but it's not just about the scale. It's about feeling better and feeling better about myself!

Photo Courtesy of Trains Fitness



  1. Alicia, that salad looks so darn tasty. Yummy! I read that you need to include fats into your diet also but not bad fats. Avocados is the number one fat which I can see you already incorporate that into the diet and of course the oils that you listed are great and so are nuts and bananas.

    Love what you did to that scale. And I know how good losing one pound feels. I actually gained one pound and I can tell a huge difference in my clothes and my attitude. :(

    You just keep on doing what you are doing. I am so proud of you.

    1. That salad was luscious! I was going to have it again for dinner but I got involved in making a recipe I've been wanting to try for a while. I think it's going to be I'm hoping to have that and maybe the salad for lunch tomorrow. I might surprise my co-worker and take a salad for her. We will see how energetic I am in the morning!

      I wish it had been my idea to do that to the scale, but no. I found it online. I really love it too and think it's a wonderful reminder of the things that are really important in life!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, they mean so much and it's not easy staying on track. I know you've been walking and trying to drop a few pounds so I send good vibes your way as well :D

  2. I loved what you had for lunch today! Lot of wisdom written on that scale.

    1. Of course you do! You man you! It's a big old juicy steak, whats not to love. I have to admit that I don't eat red meat that often, but every once in a while it really hits the spot!

      I love the scale too! As I told my friend JarieLyn above it's a wonderful reminder of what is really important in life. Thanks for the visit Sextant, always an honor :D

    2. Not the steak...that is far too adult for me, give me a hot dog instead any day. That salad though, inspired lust in my heart. Wow! Something besides a "bed of greens."

      My wife used to grill steaks before she turned vegetarian. I had a hell of time convincing her that I wanted a damned hot dog. She just thought I was being cheap as usual. Well yeah I am but if we got to spend money on me I sure wished it was something better than a lousy old steak. Just let me have my damned hot dogs. The cat ate more of my steak than I did.

      Every once in a while on a business trip (with an expense account) I would break down and order a steak just to reaffirm my belief that I don't care for it. Then I would feel guilty because I suffered through something that some one more gastronomically enlightened would enjoy. Alas, steak is wasted on me.

      Ahhh but that salad! Did it really look like that? Scrumptious! What is kind of odd is that I like steak salads...yeah I know, one mixed up dude.

  3. Ohhhh...I thought you meant the steak as most men just love meat! I myself don't care for red meat and would prefer chicken, but almost any restaurant you go to breads their chicken and that defeats the purpose of low I order the steak as no one breads steak, unless you want chicken fried steak. It was delish, but I wouldn't want to make a steady diet of it.

    Have you tried the Foster Farms Chicken Weiners? They are wonderful! I've been eating those like they are going out of style. You can roast them or boil them or nuke them and they always taste fabulous. I bbq'd some a couple of weeks ago and seasoned them with Lawry's Seasoning Salt first, they were awesome!

    I have to tell you...that salad tasted as delicious as it looks in the picture. I love to toss everything but the kitchen sink in my salads and I especially love thinly sliced red onion and avocado...yum!


  5. Thank you DUTA. My little cell phone camera doesn't do such a bad job with photos. It's true that everyone loses weight in different ways. This group has people doing low carb like me, but there are others on Weight Watchers and calorie counters, etc. Everyone is trying to figure out what works for them.


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