Monday, May 7, 2012

Know why you haven't heard from me? Cause I'm on a deserted really!

I know it's been a while since I've posted, not that any of you have missed me :-(
But thought I would let you know that I'm on a deserted island, kinda.

Here's the twist, you knew there had to be one right?

You’re on a deserted island, with no sign of rescue. You can have 10 things with you on the island. You just have to choose from this list. What will keep you company under the long, hot days in the sun? (my choices are in bold):

1. Chocolate or Potato Chips? Chips definitely. I cannot live without Chips, they are my one true passion. Surely on this island there must be something I can use and put together for some salsa? Maybe a luscious mango, papaya, pineapple, jalapeno salsa. Yeah, cause you know jalapenos grow wild on deserted, that rhymes. This is why I'd do ok on a deserted isle, cause I can entertain myself.

2. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction definitely since the choice blogs isn't listed. Cause you know I love reading everyone's blogs. 

3. The Lord of the Rings or The Godfather movies? Oh gosh, those are my only choices? I guess I would have to go with Lord of the Rings, but only because I've never seen it and at least it would be something new. 

4. Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston? Cameron Diaz because I don't think she's going to look that good without makeup and neither will I but darn that Jennifer has gotta be gorgeous without makeup...who needs that pressure? Besides Cameron is sturdier and would have to be better at gathering wood and building makeshift huts than Jennifer would.

5. 70′s or 80′s music? Since I'm a child of the 70's then 70's definitely. And by child of the 70's I don't mean born in the 70's but that's when I became semi-interested in music. 

6. Jon Stewart or Daniel Craig? Daniel Craig, see the picture...need I say more? He's already dressed for the event!

7. Friday Night Lights or Downton Abbey? Downton Abbey! I just watched Season 2 again yesterday on PBS and I love it! Pure entertainment. Love the sappy storyline, the actors, the clothing. Can't wait for Season 3. 

8. Beer or Wine? Wow...this is a tough one. Well I would have to go with the beer, but only because it would go best with my pineapple, mango, papaya, jalapeno salsa and chips.

9. Pizza or Hamburgers? Burger baby! If we're deserted on an island, we're not going to worry about carbs! But wait...if I eat carbs and gain weight...then Daniel Craig is going to run off with Cameron Diaz, makeup or not! (Yeah right! Who am I kidding, like that's not going to happen anyway!) 

10. The Rolling Stones or the Beatles? I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of either, but would probably go with the Beatles. Could I trade the bands for some more books please? 

Grabbed these cute little questions from The Zadge over at  Blue Skies and Yellow Dogs, she's hilarious! A girl after my own heart!

Promise to be back soon with posts (again...not that anyone has missed me), working on a project I hope to share with everyone.


  1. Love the humor in your post.
    I've found out that are some blogs out there that are no less informative and entertaining than books, magazines, TV serials. Yours is one of them. Probably the one you mention in your post is also like that.

    1. Thank you DUTA. My blog is my happy place. Every once in a while I may Rant & Rave about this or that but for the most part I like to just keep it light and simple. Goodness knows life is hard enough without dragging gloom and doom into my little piece of Heaven on the web!

  2. I thought you would want your dirty guy on the island with you.

    I beg to differ with you on your comment about anyone missing you.

    1. I would definitely would want my dirty guy on the island, but I was limited to only those items listed otherwise I would be cheating and never a cheater be...or is that never a borrower be??? Hmmm... Regardless, I couldn't cheat. But that Daniel Craig is not a bad substitute!

      Awww, and thanks for missing me. I promise to be back in full force once all this home remodeling and moving is done. You'll probably get sick of me then as I won't have anymore projects to keep me busy...thank goodness!

  3. I'd miss you if you were really deserted.

    1. Well I was deserted once and in despair in Vegas and my dear friend JarieLyn let me know that she would have come to my rescue if I had called I could never be truly deserted with friends like you!

  4. You're as funny as ever - just when a laugh was needed. I can't say that some of those choices would suit me at all....loved your answers!

  5. This is such a cute post! So glad to have discovered your blog. Look forward to reading more of your posts and by the way my name is Alicia also!


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