Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Finial! Iwanna Wednesday

Did you read the title correctly? Did you think it's said that it's FINAL? A final Iwanna Wednesday? Look's not FINAL, it's FINIAL, cause that's what Iwanna this Wednesday...some Finials. I can't do a final Iwanna Wednesday because I haven't done one in ages.

A little background on Iwanna Wednesday just in case you forgot. I want everything I see. I mean it. I can walk into a drugstore and see something and say, "I want one of those." I can drive by someone's house and say, "I want some decorative rocks like those!" My mom and sister finally started teasing me and saying, "Aye si, want everything!"

Iwanna Wednesday was born! A day when I do a post about what ever it is my little heart wants at that particular moment.

I've been looking a window treatments of late and there are tons of beautiful ideas. I notice that almost all of them have curtain rods and I mean real curtain rods, not the little white ones I grew up with that I still use. The ones that look like these. Do you remember these?

But now that I'm a grown up. I will put away little girl things and only want big girl things! Iwanna curtain rods like this.

See those cute little detail thingys at the ends of the curtain rods? Well someone got tired of people calling them detail thingys and they named them FINIALS...and that is what Iwanna today cause there are a gazillion of them!

For you wine lovers or maybe health foodies that love to eat fruit, how about these lovely little Grape Finials? These would be perfect in a kitchen or dining room right?

Sticking with the purple theme, I am so loving these! Purple beaded Finials...I think anyone would Iwanna these. I know Iwanna them *sigh*. You can find these at Etsy. I bet there are some of you crafty people out there that could buy the beads on strings and glue them on something and make these right? If there are some of you people out there, you can gladly make these for me and I would love you forever!

And I know I said I would put away little girl things, but for some reason little girl colors just call out to me...." know you love us...C'mon Alicia....look at us, love us, want us."

Oh pretty little Pastel Finials...Yes, Yes, Yes, I love you, Iwanna you. You know you wanna them too! You can find them at PBteen.

But getting back to big girl grown up and gorgeous are these? These were custom made for a boat builder and created to compliment the nautical theme in a boat cabin. They are little octopus' or is it octopi? You can find those at Allen & Baron.

This one reminds me of a TV show from my youth. I'll give you some hints. Major Healey? Master? Tony? Major Nelson? Did you guess it? If you said, "I Dream of Jeannie" then you had it. Doesn't this one look like Jeannie's bottle? Love it!

So finally I'm done with my Iwanna Wednesday Finial post! Ha! Actually, I think what I'm going to do is something that I've seen on a few blogs and on Pinterest. I'm going to make my curtain rods out of electrical conduit! Yes I am! And then I'm going to make finials out of old tennis balls. Old tennis balls you say? Yep...just keep on visiting me and I'll keep you posted. Happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna wishes come true!


  1. Alicia, it has been awhile since you've done an Iwanna post. I love the Iwanna's. I think I like the last finial, and yes it reminds me of I dream of Jeannie too.

    1. I's been awhile. And it's one of my favorite posts to do but I've just been so busy and so But I'll get back into it because as long as there is air in my lungs I will continue to wanna everything I see!


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