Monday, December 5, 2011

A Face that is Pleasant and a Face that Apparently is Not!

The other day my sister Lisa and I went to Denny's for pancakes after a difficult day. Actually we had pancakes and Nachos. Actually Lisa had pancakes and Nachos, I had french toast and Nachos...and decaf coffee. That's right, it's Friday night and the "sistas" are living the dream! Out on the town in the Big City (Bakersfield).

We walked in and decided to go to the bathroom and wash up first before being seated. When we came back the Host/Greeter, the guy at the front behind the register told my sister, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" My sis says, "Well I don't know, have you ever had insurance, buried a loved one, bought a casket or a John Deere tractor or been to Shafter?" (Actually she named all the places she's ever worked and then the tiny little city we live in.)

Mr. Greeter said, "No, I haven't ever been to any of those places or that small town, but I swear you look familiar, maybe it's just cause you have a pleasant face?"

A pleasant face. Hmmm, well yes, my sister does have a very pleasant face, she is always smiling and she does have a lovely smile. She's a good-hearted, caring person that will give you the shirt off her back (as long as she's wearing a t-shirt or camisole underneath) so yeah...I guess you would say she has a pleasant face.

But if I had a dollar for every time someone tells me that my sister and I look the same, or are we twins, I could buy...well I could buy French Toast and Nachos at Dennys! happens a lot.

So I tell Mr. Greeter, "Well what about me? Don't I have a pleasant face?" (In reality...Mr. Greeter hadn't even noticed I existed.) So he turns to me and stares and then mumbles something that sounded like, "Umm...yeah, I guess your face is pleasant too?"

What the heck! My face is pleasant too??? With a question mark at the end? Hesistantly like he didn't know what else to say? Dude! My sister and I are basically the same person! How can her face be pleasant and mine not? And to make matters worse, she fell in love with my glasses and recently she ordered a pair EXACTLY like mine! We have the same glasses!

It was all I could do to suck down my french toast, nachos, eggs, hash browns and bacon (included with the french toast thank you...I didn't order extra!). Then Mr. Greeter has the nerve to come over to our table to make sure all is ok and he starts quizzing my sister again on where he knows her from cause she just has this very pleasant face! Too bad he wasn't our waiter because then at least I could have had my vengeance by not leaving him a tip!


My sister................................

Almost twins right? Ok, well when you put our photos side by side like this I guess we're not exactly the same person, but I think we both have pleasant faces. Don't we?


  1. You are the poster girl for pleasant - honestly!!
    Now you've given me the idea for a blog post and you can be sure I'll link to this when I write it!

  2. Alicia, I would gladly make this all up to you and set the record straight, but alas, your sister reads this blog... 2000 miles is not enough distance from a woman scorned!

    Seriously, your both very attractive women.

  3. There's great resemblance between the two of you; lovely two ladies!

    Maybe he was really bothered by the question of where did he know your sister (with the gap between her front teeth) from , and so he completely forgot his manners.
    I know from personal experience, how that kind of question could distract a person's attention.

  4. Hey sis, I think you have a extremely pleasant face! And you are correct we are practically the same person. I get told many times that I look like so and so, usually ppl i don't want to look like. I was even told "She looks like that dude that used to hang with us!" Now what women wants to look like the "Dude" Whatever :/

  5. Awww, Pondside, "the poster girl for pleasant"! That is so darn sweet of you!. Isn't it funny how sometimes you read a post and it gives you an idea for your own post? I swear that happens to me all the time. Can't wait to read yours!

  6. Sextant - A woman scorned strikes fear in any man's But thank you. I look at my sister and I think she is beautiful and if I look 1/2 as good as she does I'm not doing bad at all!

  7. DUTA - I guess we both had the same daddy :-) Actually my brothers look like my dad and each other. They could be mistaken for twins if they ever hung around together too, but they don't get together as much as my sis and I do.

    I'm pretty sure he just felt like he had seen her somewhere before. The gap is quite distinctive and hard to forget. I call it her personality, it makes her...her. I just thought it was funny that he didn't even notice me.

  8. Lisa - Well as you well know, I've been told several times that I have a snotty looking face, like I think I'm better than someone. Then when people get to know me they say, wow you aren't who I thought you would be, I thought you would be stuck up. I think if I had a bigger mouth I would look friendlies. If we ever win the lottery, that's going to be my first purchase...Angelina Jolie's beautiful mouth!

  9. You have the most pleasant face, it must run in the family. I wouldn't take it personally it sounds like he was hitting on your sis to me :O)
    Have a Merry Christmas sister!

  10. I'd answer, but I'm laughing too hard. That and I'm still stuck on nachos and pancakes....


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