Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iwanna Wednesday - Let's Wrap it Up!

So I used to do this thing called "Iwanna Wednesday". Remember that? I hear it was very popular with many of my readers. Alas, I won the lottery and purchased everything in the world and so now I lack for nothing and there is nothing left to lust for anymore...well except for Keanu Reeves! *sigh* I love that man! But I couldn't buy him, he has to come to me of his own free will!! (Yeah, like that's gonna happen.)

So anyway, back to Iwanna Wednesday and the whole winning the lottery thing. (Spoiler alert...I really didn't win the lottery, that was just to catch your attention!)

Ok, so yeah...I did this Iwanna Wednesday thing because I am one of those people that wants EVERYTHING! I can walk into a store and the very first thing I see I say, "I want one of these!". I can drive down the street and look at someone's front yard and say, "I want one of those in my front yard!" So my sister and my mom say I want everything I see therefore they call me "Iwanna". Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm materialistic, I just find beauty and joy in almost everything I see and then I want it. It's ok to want it if it's beautiful and it brings you joy, it's bad to want when you just want it so someone else will be jealous that you have it. And yes...that is the way my mind works!

So I designated Wednesdays as my day to want any "lil ol thang" I want. I don't necessarily have to have it, but hey...I can want it right?

So the other day, I was stumbling with my favorite little friend on the computer; and I saw this nifty youtube video. Watch it, it's short and very cute and educational. And the young girl is just so cute! Watch her laugh and dance, she's just cute as a bug!

I've done an Iwanna post about scarves before. Well scarves and can read that one here, there were some real gems in that post! But I don't think one can ever lust too much when you're lusting after scarfs, pashminas, mufflers, gloves, all those things that help to keep us warm. So Iwanna share some more with you so you too can go out and buy a few and use the handy, dandy video above to tie, knot and wrap them 25 new ways!

First...since it's football season and my favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys (and aren't they doing great by the way?) check out this one. The reason Iwanna this one is because even though I know it represents my team, during non-football wearings it's just beautiful, feathery shades of blue and silver. Perfect for those cold, gloomy, foggy days here in Kern County! This one can be found at and it's $26.96, but if you're good at knitting or crocheting (Lisa) you could probably make this lickety-split! I love things that are wispy and feather, or lacy or sheer and feminine.

I've seen this next scarf quite a bit in the stores this winter. It's a squiggly scarf, this one is Cashmere and it's from and even on sale it's a bit pricey for me, it's $77.60 on sale. But they are so amazingly soft, even the ones that aren't cashmere and they hug you when you wrap them around you as they are springy, like a slinky...remember the SLINKY? My mother would love this one, red is her color!

My sister came home from a conference in Santa Barbara a few months ago with a scarf knitted with ladder or trellis yarn, which looks like this. We have searched high and low for this yarn in all of Bakersfield and we can't find it, but I did find it online at, this one is Ice Ladder Yarn and it's $3.25 for the ball and I believe you can make the whole scarf with just one ball, so that's a bargain compared to the other two scarves above!

I wish I had a picture of the one my sister has, but it's something very similar to the one below. If you're listening Lisa...Iwanna one the exact same color as in this picture. It reminds me of the tail of a mermaid :-)

On Black Friday, my sister and I went to Big Lots! Iwanna wanted to buy an artificial White Christmas Tree that was going to be on sale. Unfortunately, it was too small for Iwanna, but she is Iwanna after all and can find beauty and joy in EVERYTHING so she came home with the scarf pictured below for $5! (She's such a bargain shopper!)

Pardon the photo, but the only light available in my house at night is on my kitchen table. Isn't this gorgeous? Now the only reason I can think of why it was being sold at Big Lots and for only $5 is that if you will notice, it only has fringe on two sides opposite each other. The other two sides are plain. Why does that make a difference? Well imagine folding this scarf in half to create a triangle? One side would be fringy and the other would not and then on the opposite side you would have the mirrored version. But it's so beautiful and warm and I know no one will notice anyway!

There is only one other scarf Iwanna today on Iwanna's gray, it's wool and it's wrapped around the neck of that other little item Iwanna. . . *sigh*

Happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna wishes come true!


  1. Glad to see you are back in blogland, and hope you are feeling better.

    Alas we are exact opposites, I have turned into I don't wannah anything, which is nice for budgeting but kind of sucks for the holidays. Everyone wants to know what I want and the answer is nothing. Been that way for years. Other than books, there is nothing I want. I hate when something breaks and I have to replace it--because you can't simply replace has different this, different that...all these specifications. I don't want bothered! Oh yeah, I don't want Keanu or Mike either.

    Glad your back, even if I don't give a damn about scarves or men.

  2. Sextant - Well if you don't want anything I'll take your

    C'mon...there has to be something you want? A special kind of candy that you would never buy for yourself? One of those little gadgets than men love that woman don't even know what they are for? You know, like an air compressor or a check the fuses thing-a-ma-bobby or one of those little rolling boards that you lay on to slide underneath a car to nap? Some comfy slippers that you wouldn't buy cause your old ones are "goodnuff"? A one-year subscription to a special magazine or a fruit of the month?

    I am really happy to hear tho, that I don't have to compete for the charms of Mr. Keanu and Mr. Mike. I would take either one of them in my Christmas stocking!

    I am feeling better, the cough still comes and goes but at least I'm sleeping most of the night. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. I got all my Iwannas done this last months and i'm so happy. Now it's time to get the Iwanna for the kids for Christmas. By the way, I love the video and I didn't know we could do so much with scarves. I'm not a fan of them because it irritates me to have turtle necks or anything around my neck. I feel like i'm being choked. But during the winter I do wear a scarf if I go out in the freezing cold. Well, you take care.


  4. Scarves are a classic accesory which make one look elegant and attractive.

    Thanks for the lovely video on the various scarf tying techniques, and for your great humor displayed in your post.

  5. I saw that video, Alicia! Love it! I just need a s-l-o-w version! lol Enjoy your Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

  6. I have 2 drawers of scarves I never wear. They are gorgeous, but I am a real klutz at draping them. I'm going to haul them out and practice. Thanks, Alicia.

  7. Angie - As you know, I love scarves. I don't wear them as much as I should cause women in our office don't wear them much. But now with so many new ways to tie them I'm going to wear them more often!

  8. DUTA - And thank you for visiting me dear DUTA. I've been pretty scarce in blogging. Life and a terrible cough have kept me away. I'm getting a laptop soon so hopefully I can blog more even when I'm sick in bed.

  9. Confessions of a Plate Addict - Hi Debbie, glad you stopped by. What I do is I keep pausing the video so I can see each step, but yeah a s-l-o-w version would be great. Maybe I'll suggest that to

  10. NanookMN -Yay! You can comment! I know you've been having problems with Blogger. You know what they say "Practice makes perfect". Happy Practicing!

  11. Alicia, I have had a thing for Keanu for years. I even wrote him a fan letter back in the 80's after seeing two of his movies, "Permanent Record" and "River's Edge". I don't recall if I ever mailed the letter but I did write it. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but hey, I was young. (kind of) haha.

    I so enjoyed this Iwanna post. Yes, I really do miss this regular feature. I love scarves too, and gloves and hats and boots. I like the first scarf in the photo. Blue and silver and feathery....very nice.


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