Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iwanna Wednesday - In Lust with Pink

Last week I was visiting Amanda at Serenity Now and while she cleaned her closet. I was in lust with her Pink Chucks which you can get a little glimpse of HERE. See the one, right there in the middle? Iwanna pair just like those. So since today is Iwanna Wednesday, the day when I can want anything my little heart desires Iwanna share with you all what I found!

First...awwwwwwww, come to me you little beauties! Aren't they gorgeous? Pink Converse. Why didn't they have these when I was in high school? I remember I had a generic brand, but they were blue and white...not pretty in pink like these. Iwanna these little babies!

But is there anything prettier than pink and black together? I am loving these Vans! I'm loving the shade of pink on these too...not too hot pink. I gotta tell ya, Iwanna these just as bad as the Converse above! Maybe more the longer I look at them.

These are Keds brand. They're a little simpler and remind me of the P.E. (Physical Education) shoes we had to wear in high school. That was back in they day when it was a requirement that you had to take four (4) years of physical education (no childhood obesity then). We used to have to change into P.E. Clothes & sneakers like these Keds but they had to be white. Each Monday Ms. George, the P.E. teacher, would hold inspection and your sneakers had to be pristine...hence all of us girls learned to take them home on Friday to be washed and then we would use white shoe polish to further brighten them up! Ahhhh, memories :-) I loved high school!

Iwanna pair like these too! I love slip-on vans! I had a pair of brown ones that I loved but they got pretty ratty looking. I'm wondering if these have these at the Vans store in the mall. These would be so cute for summer with shorts don't you think?

I think these might be little girl shoes...but I have a little foot so I think I could get away with having them fit. Could I get away with wearing such cutesie little shoes with little hearts and what-not? I am 52 years of age after all and I should dress my age right? Right?

NO....Iwanna some like these and I don't care how old I am! (I think I'm gonna be one of those little old ladies that wears purple and red! You've read the poem right?...if not, click HERE to go read it, that's the kind of old lady I aspire to be!)

And I've told you that I've caught the running bug? Well I've decided I'm going to train all summer on my bike and then in September or October when the weather is a little more "not hellish" I'm going to buy these running shoes!

Oh I've never Iwanna'd anything more than these *sigh*. (Well maybe Keanu Reeves, but he's not shoes so he doesn't count!)

I could run to the sun and back in these shoes! Or at least I would look stylish when the paramedics pick me up in the middle of the street where I'm dying of Sciatica, a Heart Attack and Asthma all at the same time from thinking I can run!

Which is your favorite? Are you a pink girl? Do you want to be a purple and red old lady? Happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna wishes come true!


  1. I like all of these but the Nikes are my favorite. Sadly, I can't wear shoes like these because I have orthotics that won't fit inside of most of them. You should treat yourself to several pink pairs of shoes!!

  2. I have never been much of a pink person, but lately I have really been drawn to the color. I am really liking those Pink Converse. I may just have to treat myself to a pair!

    ~ Tracy

  3. You should wear whatever design and color pleases you and makes you feel good. All the designs displayed in your post look lovely.

    I have small feet but rather wide, so for walking I wear Crocks; they're ugly but comfy. As for pink, I like the color, but haven't had any pink shoes yet.

  4. Paula - I would love to have several pairs of pink shoes. I'm definitely going to try to find those Nikes as I'm going to attempt jogging with a friend on Wednesday. He promises to take it easy on me :-)

  5. Tracy - Those are adorable and you could wear them with so many things. I love pink and black together!

  6. DUTA - I guess we all have our challenges with our feet. For instance it doesn't matter what shoes I wear they always irritate my toenails! Sometimes they hurt so much that just the blankets from my bed hurt!


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