Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winner, Winner....Chicken Dinner

Ok, we have a winner, but you don't actually win a Chicken Dinner. Which is good though cause you really don't want me to mail a chicken dinner to you if you're a winner right? It would be pretty icky by the time it gets to you.

So anyway...I'm trying to drag this out like Ryan Seacrest does on American Idol before I tell you who's going home. Or Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice before I tell you who's fired. (I really need to quit watching so much TV!)

So, like I said...I was going to use some type of vessel to put the entries into..here you go. I used my trusty, at work coffee mug given to me by my daughter this past Christmas. I love this mug!

And to make it all official...here's all the little entries inside the mug!

And now...without further ado.......the winners are..................... (remember, there are two books, two winners).

Yay!! Brittany Gale and Blue Creek Home. Please contact me to get details on how to claim your prize!

Thanks to all who entered. I wish I could give each of you a book. But never fear...I'll have another giveaway coming up in the next week or so.


  1. I hate how they do that on those shows, but when you do it, much better! Congrats to the winner! Very nice!

  2. Climb2Nowhere - Well thank ya! Glad you liked it...lol.

  3. Congrats to the winners on that great giveaway. Take care.

  4. Lovely mug, cute entries, neat procedure.
    Congrats to the two lucky winners of your great giveaways!

  5. Donnie - Yay lady! It's so nice to see you back even if it's only to comment. Have missed you!

  6. DUTA - It was all very scientific :-) The choosing of the winners I mean!

  7. alicia--you won my giveaway but i don't have any information to get it to you...

    can you email me?

  8. Yay, I am following you on Networked Blogs now.


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