Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giveaway!!! And American Idol, my thoughts

I'm right in the middle of watching American Idol, actually right in the beginning and I'm just so thrilled with the final three!

But first I have to do a little housekeeping on my lil ol blog. I want to remind you guys that I'm having a giveway! Heyyyy! Yep, that's right. And I want YOU to win, so click HERE and go over to the post that gives you the 411 on how to enter or just click the giveaway icon over there to the right on the sidebar and good luck to ya!

Baby I'm Amazed by YOU!

Scotty McCreery...I'm amazed by you sweetie!
Wow, that opening song to start the show set the bar pretty darn high. I fell in love with Scotty right from the beginning. That beautiful low, mellow tone in his voice just melts my heart!

She's a wild child with an Angel's face, she's a woman child in a state of Grace!

Lauren Alaina.........
Wow...I love this child as well. She's got such a purity to her voice and I adore her accent. And the innocence and joy in her laugh and her smile...she blows me away! This young lady is gonna go far!

Haley Reinhart.......
I don't even know the name of that song she sang but it was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N!!! I was mesmerized! I love Scotty and I love Lauren........but this young lady should win. She was born to do this, to entertain, to sing, to shine, to WIN American Idol! Wow!

Are you into it? Do ya have Idol Fever? Who's your fave? Do tell and do go enter my giveaway!


  1. LOVE idol...couldn't stand Haley the first couple weeks but she has totally grown on me and I want her to WIN...even though I've been a Lauren fan from the beginning...

  2. Mama Thompson - I think Haley has swayed a lot of people in the last two weeks, she's just come out so strong!

  3. Haley, Haley, Haley, YAY! I want Haley to win too. She rocks the stage. I like all 3, but I think Scotty and Lauren are younger and still need a little more growing up to do, but Haley, my gosh, she is awesome. I love her voice and she reminds me a little of Mariah Carey. Because of you, I got hooked to American Idol. I'm watching it tonight too.

  4. Yay Angie! I love when I use my powers of persuasion for good and not And I'm glad you have such good taste :-D You are absolutely right, Scotty and Lauren have a little more growing up to do and they are going to be HUGE stars, but it's Haley's time NOW. Love her!

  5. Wow, what a bunch of talent this year, huh? My original pick was KC, then Pia, but now that they're gone, I'd be thrilled to see either Lauren or Scotty win (and I don't even like country music). I agree Hailey was born to entertain and I love her raspy voice, but I absolutely cannot stand watching her when she's not singing - she looks at herself in the monitor and poses way too often for my liking. It drives me nuts. It was sweet, however, that her father was able to play guitar during one of her songs.

  6. ButterYum = I thought that was so special, her father playing for her. This was a much softer, friendlier Idol this year, even though many complained about worked because we have to very, very talented people in the top three.


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