Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Iwanna Wednesday........finally!

Ha! Guess what today's post is? It's an Iwanna Wednesday post. Yay!!!! For those of you that have been reading me for a while you know what Iwanna Wednesday is all about. For those of you that might be newer visitors to Titere con Bonete allow me to fill you in.

I am a shopping addict. I just love stores and stuff! Whenever we go into a store, it doesn't matter if it's a drug store, grocery store, lumber store, paint store...well you get it...it doesn't matter what kind of store, I can find something I want.

And it doesn't even have to be a store. I can drive by someone's house and see something in their yard that I want. Decorative rock, wind chime, windsock, picture window, etc, etc., I will say "I want that"!

I want so many things that my sister and my mom call me Iwanna, cause Iwanna everything I see! The good thing about being Iwanna is that you can wanna anything in life. Iwanna Keanu Reeves, Iwanna Ford Mustang convertible, Iwanna be on Dancing with the Stars. See, get it? I can Iwanna anything, no one can take away my unalienable right to Iwanna. I breathe, therefore Iwanna!

So I've picked Wednesday to be "Iwanna Wednesday"...the day I share something Iwanna and today Iwanna something that we've all seen a lot of since this weekend and that's FASCINATORS!

You do know what a Fascinator is don't you? Sure you do, you saw plenty of them on television and all over the web at the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate. This is probably the most talked about, most famous, most unique Fascinator ever!

The Fascinator is the headpiece that is being worn in this picture by Princess Beatrice. This Fascinator got so much interest that it has it's very own facebook page!

Ok, so this one is a little extreme right? Not sure I have the panache Princess Beatice has to pull off wearing this not only in public, but to the very public wedding of Royalty! Wow, kudos to her!

But Iwanna wear Fascinators. I think they are so cool! There are so many different styles and so many different things you can make them out of...love them!

For instance, Iwanna one with feathers. Like this one! Or maybe those are leaves? Not really sure, but I love it anyway. Don't you?

Here's another one with feathers. Feathers are really popular for Fascinators. This one is also my favorite shades of green. Iwanna this one with the long, flowing feathers! And I'm pretty sure Iwanna those earrings too!!!

Then there's this sweet one worn by the new Bride and Princess. Awwww! Don't you love it? Looks like a soft, fluffy, furry kitten just all snuggled up on head right? Beautiful!

Seriously there is just something about Fascinators that I find absolutely fascinating!

If you aren't a big fan of feathers (which I am), then maybe you might like this next one that's just a beautiful flower, a huge beautiful flower. Don't ya love it?

Or maybe something a little more demure and sexy, like this little red heart one. I know I "heart" it!

And in case you want feathers, flowers, a veil and a little top hat...how about this one? I think we should all start something like the Red Hat Society and call it the Fascinator Society. Any takers?

So which is your favorite? Would you wear a Fascinator? Do you wanna join my "Fascinator Society"? Happy Iwanna Wednesday to you and may all your Iwanna Wishes come true!


  1. Iwanna join your Fascinator Society. LOL! I love this post. Very interesting that you wanna wear a Fascinator. You would look gorgeous.

  2. I don't think I'd ever wear one, but I enjoy seeing others do so, and I do wish hats would come "back" in this country,. It's been y e a r s .... try early 60s---- since people wore them regularly, other than on beach.

  3. You have the BEST taste, I swear. I'm torn between the first feather one and the last red top hat with feathers...how adorable are they??

    How do I know if I'm a hat person? Is there an app for that??

  4. Angie - Yay! I have my 1st member to the Fascinator Society. Thank you! You would look gorgeous as well!

  5. podso - I'm so with you. I love hats and here in sunny California we never get to wear them. When I was visiting in Sacramento with my sister recently they had really rainy weather and we noticed a lot of the women wearing hats. Maybe I just need to move?

  6. kathryn - Well thankya! As far as there being an app to find out if you're a hat person...I'm sure there is, there are apps for EVERYTHING!

  7. Alicia, You won't ever find me in a hat! Never like them- I hated wearing those darn Easter bonnets that we had to wear to church! I think Princess Beatrice's fascinator was a bit extreme- like ugly! LOL
    Some hats were okay at the wedding, but so many were just awful. Some people don't look good in hats and shouldn't wear them. I am in that category. *grin*
    hugs, Sue

  8. Alicia, I adore hats. I actually just bought five more vintage hats for twelve dollars at a yard sale.

    I loved Beatrice and Eugenie's hats...they must have oodles of confidence. :)

    Oh, in regards to your email about comments not working on my blog, apparently Disqus was having issues that day. Is it working now?

  9. Very interesting. I always like hats with elaborate details.


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