Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the Winner is. . . (I know...I'm late posting this )

I had promised that I would annouce the winner of my book giveaway yesterday (Friday) but somehow the day got away from me (work, shopping and dining out) and I didn't get it done. Forgive me ya'll. But we just had a Home Goods open up in Bakersfield and I just HAD to go check it out. I bought some beautiful Rose scented Potpourri and a pretty bowl to eat my breakfast in each morning.

So to cut to the quick...the winner is Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul. She has a beautiful blog and a beautiful new header that she also won. Wow! She's been lucky this month! Please Sarah get in touch with me and I'll have the book headed your way.

Thanks to everyone who entered and I'm glad you all enjoyed the book review!


  1. .....and we just know how much Sarah will enjoy this! Congratulations!

  2. Donnie - Thanks for being such a gracious non-winner (I could never use the term loser when it comes to you). I wish I could have given a copy to everyone that entered. I plan to do more book giveaways though, so there's always hope!

  3. Pondside - Ditto to you for being a gracious non-winner!


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